In the Details: Curve

Beauty settles in.

This week's theme is: body.



The wide woman in the scarf
Bends over her work.
Used to be she noticed the
Roll at her middle--

Once it was an obstruction.
Then she loosened the
Cinched belt around her
Waist and let the dress fly

Away from her like old days
Forgotten and gone.
The narrow girl's dress, black and
Etched onto her sinew

And bones has become
Wild cherries dangling
Low and ripe, moving easily
In the curve of the wind.   


This post is part of a the poetry series, "" -- daily poetry and photos, inspired by where we live. 

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @smallstate or online at elizabethhoward.net. 

Watch for her upcoming BIG QUESTION series: "What is Eating You?" in March at her blog: 'Letters from a Small State.'


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