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 The Stratford Animal Rescue Society (S.T.A.R.S.) is a non-profit group founded in September 2000 with the unaminous support from the Stratford Town Council.  Our mission is to facilitate and expedite the adoptions of homeless animals into loving homes as well as, provide food, medical care and necessities for the animals impounded at the Stratford Animal Control Facility.  
Who We Are: The Stratford Animal Rescue Society (S.T.A.R.S.) works in collaboration with Animal Control for the Town of Stratford.  S.T.A.R.S. was founded in response to the large number of adoptable homeless animals impounded at the Stratford Animal Control Facility.  The group is funded by private donations, public fundraising and grants.   What We Do:  Animal Welfare  Through fundraising endeavors and public support, S.T.A.R.S. is wholly dedicated to its mission. An impounded animal at the Stratford Animal Control Facility receives the following as a means of life longevity and to make a more balanced animal for the purpose of permanent adoption: Vaccines Disease Testing Spay / Neuter Veterinarian Recommended Medical Care Microchipping Socialization Training Exercise Humane Education STARS education for children was added to our mission in early 2012.  Humane Education is the term for any curriculum that teaches children to care for the animals in their homes and communities. The goal of humane education is to create a culture of empathy and caring by stimulating students' moral development and sense of responsibility. The end goal of humane education is to create a more compassionate and responsible society. Humane education introduces children to the emotions of animals and links this knowledge to a wider understanding of environmental issues and ecosystems. It is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for both human and nonhuman animals. Humane education teaches people how to accept and fulfill their responsibility to companion animals. It teaches people to understand the consequences of irresponsible behavior and finally, humane education encourages the value of all living things. Facebook www.stratfordanimalrescue.com
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