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Independently minded Democrat running in Stratford's 9th District to represent residents, advocate for economic development, and demand accountability. Motivated by these reasons, and probably more that have yet to be revealed:
my long tenure on the Board of Assessment Appeals regularly exposes me to taxpayers who are often forced to make tough decisions about whether they can remain in their family homes or are driven out by escalating property taxes my terms on the Economic Development Commission have been frustrated by the lack of strategic vision and marketing planning by this town's leadership Town Council decisions are often bitterly guided by party and not independent thinking and rational discussion having witnessed community engagement around the Pirhala Farm project has been absolutely inspirational. If we could bring people together around an idea, and, literally, a seed, imagine what we could do with more energy and resources.   As Editor-in-Chief at ExecuNet, the private membership that helps executives shift their careers and daily business lives forward, I am responsible for setting and driving the editorial content strategy across ExecuNet's publications and expert-led programming. In October 2010, Ariana Huffington personally invited me to contribute as a blogger to the Huffington Post. I holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a dual Master of Science degree in Counseling and Human Resources Development. My propensity for big words was apparent when I took 2nd place in the 3rd grade spelling bee, but my 1st place prize in the 7th grade science fair was merely an accident. http://tinyurl.com/3drod92
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