Wind Brings But the Stratford Kite Boarders!

Kite boarding is taking off in Stratford.

When the wind starts to howl, many of us pack up our things and run inside. Not John Ferrera and friends. This Stratford resident waits for the wind to blow at least 15 miles per hour and heads to the beach.

They're not here to catch some rays. They strap on a board, a kite and often a wetsuit and hit the water. They're here to kite board.

The sport, also known as kite surfing, continues to grow in popularity worldwide. So much so that the sport even has a number of magazines dedicated to it and many of us have an idea of what it is.

Maybe you've seen them. John and friends kite board at a number of the Stratford and Bridgeport beaches; in Lordship, at Short Beach, at Seaside Park, etc.

John tells us that "when there is more wind, you want a smaller kite."

This group of guys have been kite boarding for about two years and John told us, "It's a very fun sport. I love it."

It sure looks like it from the beach!


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