Blueprint for the Olympic Dream

Fairfield's Craig Kinsley put together a game plan for making the Olympics, then followed it to perfection.

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It's often been said the first step in accomplishing a goal is to write it down. Long before the Olympic trials started, Craig Kinsley of Fairfield let the entire world know what he wanted to do with the powerful words he plastered on his website.

"I am going for broke this year, putting everything I have into the javelin. I want to test myself against the best in the world at the Olympic Games. I am confident that I can compete well at the Trials and get on the podium in London."

The former star athad a burning desire to make the U.S. Olympic team and the talent to match it. In 2010, Kinsley became just the third individual champion in the history of Brown University when he uncorked a throw of 250 feet and three inches to win the NCAA title. After graduating from the Ivy League school with a degree in economics and geological science in May of 2011, Kinsley focused on his Olympic dream while living in the cheapest possible apartment he could find in Providence, Rhode Island.

"Cheap rent allows me to buy quality food to fuel my body. I am digging into my earnings from past  summers in an attempt to put all of my time and energy into training."

Kinsley spent just about every last dime he had and squeezed every ounce of talent from physique to make his dream come true. He lived it, breathed it, and obsessed about it. The Olympics were on his mind nearly every waking moment. Kinsley worked out religiously and everything started to fall into place. He achieved the 'A' standard throw needed to qualify for the Olympic Games when he unleashed a javelin that traveled 270 feet during a meet in Chicago several weeks ago.

"I am VERY eager and motivated to train and compete this year because my distances will reflect two years of technical and athletic improvements."

Kinsley was following his game plan to perfection. His throwing improved and with the 'A' standard already secured, Kinsley was prepared for the Track & Field Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon last Monday.

"I've been pretty locked in and very much so in the zone. When you have confidence and can visualize big throws, you're ready," Kinsley told the Connecticut Post.

Kinsley launched a throw of 260 feet and two inches. It was third best among the finalists. However, because he had met the 'A' standard while the two competitors in front of him did not, Kinsley earned a ticket to the Summer Games in London.

"For about 90 percent of the victory lap, I was balling in front of 30,000 people," Kinsley said to the Connecticut Post "I don't know if I can think of a person who'd be more proud to wear red, white and blue. In the most cliche way ever, it's a dream come true."

Kinsley had a big dream. He wrote it down and did everything necessary to make it happen. Hard work, dedication, preparation, and an undenying  belief that he was the best javelin thrower in the country, were all part of the blueprint for Craig Kinsley's Olympic dream. Next up is the one that, hopefully, results in a gold medal.


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