Stratford Resident Endorses Hoydick

Donald E. Erickson says Republican Laura Hoydick has his vote for the 120th District.

By Donald E. Erickson

I've been reading some of the campaign statements put out by Terry Masters who is running for state representative and I have some real concerns about what I am seeing.

In a recent letter to the Stratford Star and in some of her campaign material, she proudly lists support from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

If she is elected, would she be looking out for Stratford taxpayers, or following the wishes of those who endorsed her candidacy when state employee contracts come up for a vote? We deserve to know.

She further states that she has "organized demonstrations against some of Connecticut's biggest corporations." Does this include Sikorsky?

For too long, employers have been making a mass exodus from our state and this has contributed a state unemployment rate that exceeds the national figure.

Is the answer to Connecticut's unemployment a state representative who takes pride in grabbing the picket sign and bullhorn and chasing them to our borders?

We need a state government that partners with job creators and fosters business development, not one that openly antagonizes it. There are 49 other states that would gladly take our jobs.

Ms. Masters by her own admission is an activist. Stratford would be well served in having a state representative who has faithfully represented Stratford families, not special interests groups. We need a state representative who speaks for us, not a rubber stamp for Governor Dannel Malloy's agenda. We have that in Representative Laura Hoydick.

Terry Masters likes to say "I have your back." Is she talking to us or is she talking to the unions, the special interest groups, and the Governor? Laura Hoydick is looking out for Stratford. She has my vote and she deserves all of ours.

RMK October 26, 2012 at 03:28 PM
What I'd rather see are details on what Ms. Hoydick has done in her time in office for the people of Stratford. This letter says quite a bit about what the writer thinks is wrong with Terry Masters' campaign without giving us any insight into Hoydick's accomplishments on our behalf. Ms. Hoydick's voting record in Hartford doesn't make me feel terribly encouraged: http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/121420/#.UIqpeo49623 I'd like to know why she has consistently voted against legislation that focuses on constituent needs rather than just big business. For instance, Ms. Hoydick voted against a bill that provides assistance to victims of domestic violence. WHY? She voted against election day registration to allow more people to vote. This bill would have required a valid ID and/or SS# to register, so the "voter fraud" meme isn't relevant. Why vote against the effort to have more folks practice their civic duty at the polls? She voted against raising minimum wage. This is a boon to business, but not so much for the living wage and residents who are barely able to make ends meet. She voted against a bill that would have prohibited discrimination based on gender identity or expression. Why? She's voted against revealing the names of top donors for campaign contributions, which indicates to me that she's interested in protecting the rights of big money behind campaigns with very little transparency for who's trying to buy our elections.


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