Stratford Eye on the Beltway: Lieberman on Postal Reform

And, Himes tweets about D-Day anniversary.

LIEBERMAN: The senator, along with Sens. Susan Collins, Tom Carper and Scott Brown, submitted an op-ed letter to Politico urging the House to pass the Senate-approved U.S. postal reform bill.

The Postal Service loses almost $25 million each day," the senators wrote. "Comprehensive postal reform legislation is needed now. But that can’t happen "without action by the House. We’ve urged the House to act promptly — so we can come together, reconcile the differences between our bills and ensure reforms are passed this year."

HIMES: The congressman posted a Tweet on Wednesday about the 68th anniversary of D-Day:

"This anniversary of D Day landings is another chance to thank a #veteran and reflect on one of America's most astonishing feat of arms."

DELAURO: The congressman called the unanimous rejection of the Paycheck Fairness bill by Senate Republicans "shameful," according to the Connecticut Mirror.

MURPHY: The congressman and Republican are the clear front runners for their parties' endorsements to seek election to Connecticut's open U.S. Senate seat this fall, . Murphy has a 30 percentage-point lead over his rival Susan Bysiewicz.


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