Park Street Residents Say Street Paving Is Long Overdue

A neighborhood's direct appeal to the Town Council seems to have worked.

Rob and Jaclyn Rothenberg have watched the surface of Park Street erode into a rutted mess over the nine years they have lived there.

So earlier this week, they joined some of their neighbors and took their problem directly to the Stratford Town Council to ask for relief.

And it appears to have worked.

After the Park Street neighbors spoke at the public comment forum preceding the Town Council meeting, several Council members told the residents they would try to make sure it makes the top of the next street paving list.

That means it won’t get done until next summer at the earliest, but it will get done.

The Town Council is currently reviewing a $6.9 million bond authorization package, which includes $500,000 for road reconstruction and $900,000 for road resurfacing.

The Park Street residents said their street deserves to get a high priority because it hasn’t been resurfaced in 65 years.

It is frequently used by motorists as part of the back road shortcut from Nichols Avenue near Wooster Middle School through to Paradise Green, which increases the traffic on it, said residents.

Add to that the cumulative effects of New England winters and numerous utility company road cuts that were covered with temporary asphalt patches, and Park Street has been left full of ruts and holes, they said.

Rob Rothenberg said one section of the street that lacks a permanent curb is also prone to erosion by rainwater, which has dug crevasses at the edge of the pavement nearly nine inches deep and threatens to undermine the asphalt.

"It’s almost like a sinkhole," he said.

Council member David Fuller (D-6) said he couldn’t say for sure that Park Street would be fixed next year, but he has asked to have it included in the next bond package.

Town Council Chairman Thomas Malloy (R-9) also promised to support their request.

Rothenberg said after speaking for his street project, he stayed for the rest of the Town Council meeting on Monday and the town business intrigued him. He said he expects to continue to attend the meetings to see how things get done.

Is there a road in your neighborhood that needs repair? Tell us in the comments section below.

Mike August 12, 2011 at 05:16 PM
Does that mean they are going to repave some of the roads in the South End that have not been repaved since 1967? And what about the storm drains? They worked when they were installed. They don't work now. We have been told that's because we are in a low laying area. I don't remember the area being any lower than it was when the storm drains worked.
Jaclyn Rothenberg August 12, 2011 at 06:35 PM
It is probably best to call attention to this at a town council meeting. Park Street unfortunately has not been paved in 65 years. A resident on Park Street has lived on the street for 50 years and as seen the decline on the street for years now. The South End and the North End streets should beevaluated for repairs, better drains and of course safety.
Linda August 13, 2011 at 12:43 AM
Great job! THANK YOU! Rob and Jaclyn. I'm the one who originally complained on patch that we needed repaving. I guess posting wasn't enough even with trying to get my neighbors to agree on the post. I have lived on this street since I was 5 years old. It was beautiful in 1970. The street was lined with cherry trees. My family lived in an older house on a lot that we were able to build a bigger one. I inherited the house and have always lived here. Now I have my family. My neighbors around me are all original owners except for a few. I even asked the tree warden if I could planet 2 new cherry trees since the originals were rotted and had to be taken down. I don't know if they are from the 50's or 60's. I want to get the Street back to the beauty it used to have. Now if only a couple of houses would clean there front lawns we would have that. :)


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