'..the closest In-n-out is in Texas'

A look at some of the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

Stratford: "NICK... it took me about 13 seconds to figure out that the closest In-n-out is in Texas. Do you REALLY think that they are going to ship all of their product over 2,000 miles just for one restaurant in Stratford, CT??? Please do a bit of research before you continue to ramble-on like a nincompoop!!!" Burgers are on the mind of Stratford readers as they debate the merits of various eateries.

East Haven: "Everyone, this is not a political issue. It is very serious. If a pet or human gets bit by a rabid animal they must go through a series of painful injections to fight the disease. I wouldn't wish that on anyone or anything for that matter. So let's not turn this into a mud fest. Keep vigilant if you walk your dog or let your cat out of the house. Talk with your children about the dangers of getting near wild animals." A warning about rabies in East Haven turned into a heated political discussion.This commenter puts the topic back on track.

North Branford: "There's nothing more pleasant than seeing your favorite elementary school teacher featured on Patch. Glad to see that you continue to make the world a wonderful place." That's the reaction from a story about Pat Lovelace, who volunteers at food banks.

North Haven: "I think it will be a great asset to the town and its residents. Having a Yale-New Haven Hospital satellite facility in town will make it so much easier for patients since they won't have to drive to New Haven with its parking problems and costs. If an emergency suite and radiation/chemo infusion center are included in the design, that would be an amazing benefit for area residents. I'm for it 100%." An ongoing plan to open up a branch of the Yale-New Haven Hospital is showing signs of life, much to this person's delight.


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