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It's all on Facebook but we bring it right to you -- the pics, the comments, the status updates and more. If it's on the Stratford Patch Facebook newsfeed, you'll find it here. And if you see something about Stratford in your feed that we missed, let everyone know in the comments!

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Town of Stratford Town Hall

(Posted April 21) iPhone and Android users please try Stratford's mobile website at www.townofstratford.com/mobile.

Stratford Fire Department

(April 21) Congratulations to our recent retirees, who were honored at our annual Testimonial Dinner last night: LT Holdsworth, LT Spiegel, FF Liebel, FF Powers, and FF Tibbals. We thank you for your service and hope you enjoy your much-deserved retirement.

Two Roads Brewing Company

(April 20) Igor's Dream is sold out in the tasting room. We will be making more next year #igorsdream #tworoads

True Health Family Chiropractic

(April 19) NEW Weekly Health Roundup is out - we discuss organic vs. conventional food, chiropractic care for animals, and the amazing stories of kindness shown during the Boston Marathon.

Stratford Animal Rescue Society

(April 20) Don't let this happen in Connecticut! Attend Connecticut Humane Lobby Day: Hartford, CT: Humane Lobby Day 2013 - April 24 Capitol Building, Room 310

Sterling House Community Center

(April 19) We don't just offer sports programming for youth. Check out our classes and programs: - http://ow.ly/k7iK3

Stratford Arts Guild

(April 19) A great honor for two Stratford photographers, Antoinette Gombeda and Hazel Meredith. Be sure to have a look at their Facebook pages... the links are at the bottom of this article. Thanks Stratford Patch!

Stratford Library

(April 19) We're getting jazzed for our upcoming "All You Need Is Love" library fundraiser (April 27th at 6:30PM)!

And in the spirit of this year's 1960s theme, we've been immersing ourselves in all things '60s: songs, movies, commercials, hairstyles, fashions, etc. We thought we'd share our findings here throughout the week leading up to the event!

First up: Billboard Hot 100 on Dec. 19, 1960.

(April 17) We made a board on Pinterest for our "Couponing 101: Smart Shopping with Online Coupons” program on Monday, April 22nd at 6:30PM!


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