Mayor: Occupy Cost New Haven $100,000

The future of the Occupy New Haven movement is up to the courts to decide, but the city of New Haven wants them gone soon.

The city of New Haven is trying to take back part of the downtown green from Occupy New Haven through legal action. With the outcome uncertain, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano told a WPLR radio show that the Occupy movement has cost the city $100,000 so far.

"It started as one thing, a good thing. I was supportive of it. We talked to them about it. You made your point," he said, according to the New Haven Independent. "You seem to be a different group. It’s time to move on. There’s still time to make your point [in different ways]. I think they see their removal as an opportunity to make a statement."

When the city first tried evicting Occupy New Haven, the protest group reportedly  provided for "improved school funding and low-income housing, longer library hours and an end to foreclosures."


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