Garbage Museum Gets 30 Days To Raise More Money

The museum's governing body tabled a motion Thursday that considered closing the museum. The board said it would make a decision based on where the fundraising effort is 30 days from now.

Stratford's  received 30 more days to fundraise before its owner and operator decides if the 16-year-old children's museum has to close down due to financial shortcomings.

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) board of directors Thursday tabled the matter for 30 days, according to Paul Nonnenmacher, director of public affairs for the CRRA. 

"They gave us 30 days to draw more support," he said. "It's business as usual [at the museum] for at least 30 more days."

Nonnenmacher said there is no meeting scheduled yet to vote on the fate of the museum, which raised $68,000 in funds from municipalities after the board of directors said it had to find between $60,000 and $100,000 to keep from closing in 2011. The next board of directors meeting after the 30-day period expires is on Aug. 25, he said.

Until then, the fundraising effort will be aggressive and expansive, said Nonnenmacher.

"We will be reaching out to several different entities," he said, such as "foundations, charitable trusts and private companies."


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