SEPTA's Lego Build-A-Thon Fosters Creativity

Families with special needs members enjoy a day of building together.

Almost everyone remembers Legos being an integral aspect of their childhood. Some still play with Legos do as adults - whether they have children or not ... With this universal  love for building, the Stratford SEPTA held their first Annual Lego-Build-A-Thon at Stratford's Sterling House earlier this month.

SEPTA is the Special Education Parent Teacher Association that represents children with special needs and is recognized as a Connecticut PTA. The organization brings together those interested in special education and children with special needs.

Stratford's SEPTA offers numerous information nights and workshops in the Stratford community and is an invaluable resource for the families, friends and educators of special needs members of our community.

On this occasion, numerous tables were set up and Lego blocks of all colors and sizes were distributed to everyone in attendance to enjoy. Attendees ranges from 2-year-olds to adults, with special needs and not. While the designs varied from colorful cars to intricate towns, everyone enjoyed building and creating together.

Sarah Calzone, the Vice-President of Stratford SEPTA, explained that the Lego Build-a-thon provided the attendees with an "experience to socialize and connect through the love of Lego’s and building."

A Stratford father in attendance with his 10-year-old son who has been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, told us that his son loves Lego’s. "Building with Lego brings out creativity and gets the mind working and thinking," Adam Chambers explained.

Ms. Calzone was grateful to "Play Well Technologies for setting up the race tracks, catapults and providing demonstrations for the kids." Equal gratitude went out to Vazzy's of Stratford, which graciously "donated 10 large pizzas for the event," for all in attendance to enjoy -- which they did!

"Thank you to the Hudson Paper Company for their donation of the day's paper goods, and to the Big Y for donating a gift card towards the beverages for the day." All of these companies helped to make the SEPTA Lego Build-a-thon a very special and very successful day!

For more information about Stratford SEPTA events visit the stratford.patch.com calendar or visit the Connecticut PTA website: www.ctpta.org.


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