Federal Budget Holds Good News for Sikorsky

Sen. Chris Murphy called the budget a 'home run' for Sikorsky.

Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Conn. Credit: Jason Bagley
Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Conn. Credit: Jason Bagley
The federal budget signed last week by President Obama holds enough funds to keep more than 6,000 Sikorsky workers employed and open the door to new development opportunities, Connecticut elected officials announced Tuesday at a press conference at the company's Stratford headquarters.

Sen. Chris Murphy called the $3.3 billion in defense spending a "home run" for Sikorsky, according to the Connecticut Post.

Sikorsky is the leading contractor to develop a new Air Force combat search-and-rescue helicopter, according to the Post, a move Sen. Richard Blumenthal championed.

"We had a difficult battle and had to convince the Air Force and our colleagues," he said. "The Air Force was going to refurbish an existing helicopter fleet instead of building a new one. The helicopter more than earns its keep and is vital to our men and women in service."

Sikorsky has faced layoffs in previous years, including about 200 employees — most in Stratford — in June 2013. In December, the company's 4,500 union workers signed a new four-year contract with a 2.5 percent pay raise.

Despite the federal funds, Sikorsky officials said the company will continue to offer early incentive packages to employees who choose to leave early, the Post reported.


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