In 1961 I was married and in 1964 I moved to a home in Russell Gardens New York, a community that had many restrictive covenants attached to every deed.
I was invited to be a member of the Restrictions Committee of the Homeowners Ass’n. for over seven years at which time in 1976 I was elected their President. Prior to this I also was the Building Inspector, but had to resign when I was elected to be the President. Then in 1977 I was appoint to the Zoning Board of Russell Gardens and served until 1996 when I moved to Milford. That was 17 years of public service in zoning matters. By education and vocation I was a Supt. of Constr. and a Structural Engineer on all types of structures from homes, schools, factories, hi-rise office and apartment buildings. I have been most active since my moving here in the Milford Lions Club, where I am a Past-President, Secretary Emeritus and their current Treasurer. I was also presented with Lions’ highest State, District, and International awards. For over 50 years I have been a Freemason, a Past-Master five times, and served on the highest levels. Today I serve as the Secretary of a Lodge. Finally, I’m active with Donate Life (organ donation); the ADA, a regular blood donor and a volunteer at the WH VA Hospital.
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