School Uniforms Coming to Lordship, Chapel

Most parents agree with the move. Some say it should be applied district-wide. What do you think?

Gone are the days of blue jeans and flip-flops at and elementary schools.

Come the 2012-13 school year, students at those two schools will have to follow a dress code policy approved by the Stratford Board of Education earlier this week. ( to read the new dress code policy in full.)

and are the only other schools in the district that have a school uniform policy on the books.

School officials say the move is intended to help "promote school safety and a positive school spirit, as well as reinforce a positive learning environment."

And it seems most parents would agree. According to surveys distributed by the two schools, 64 percent of Chapel parents and 78 percent of Lordship parents are in favor of a dress code policy.

"I think it's wonderful," Osi Korn Rosenberg wrote on the Stratford Patch Facebook page. "Saves money and trouble for the kids. It looks sharp and builds school spirit."

In the same comments thread, Sarah Martin wrote, "I think this is a great step in the right direction considering the economic climate and the haves and have-nots."


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Michael Feeney, chief operating officer for the Board of Education, said the most important part of the dress code is the required clothing is "easily available and doesn't have to be top of the line."

If a student is unable to comply with the new policy due to financial reasons, a medical condition or interference with religion, efforts will be made to resolve the matter, which could include transferring the student to another school in the district without a dress code policy, Feeney said.

It seems many residents, however, would like the policy Lordship and Chapel are adopting to be expanded district-wide.

"Should be all or nothing...this Whitney parent votes YES!" commented Jacki Sabia Bannister on our Facebook page.

"Wish it was district-wide -- I voted yes for Wilcoxson," wrote Amy Doherty Wiltsie.

"I would have voted yes for Nichols!" Sara Hawley Orris opined. "As a mother of three girls I would have loved to get rid of the 'what should I wear today' drama every morning."

What do you think about the dress code policy Lordship and Chapel are adopting? Should it be expanded to all of Stratford's schools? Let us know by voting in the poll and commenting below.

Dom DeCicco June 27, 2012 at 11:32 AM
Yea, they have this in North Korea. Maybe we can get the students some long streamers or even a big red ball that they can exercise with while listening to morning announcements from some dictatorial ruler next. The uniformity (uniforms) should work well with the psychologically demeaning practice of using a school-wide behavioral modification program that (IS NOT) working and strips the students of their individualism. Nice Job! By the way, things haven’t changed much in ethics (YET) and implementing such programs without the specific consent of parents is still unethical. Nice job as well! Even your beloved United Nations supposedly frowns upon psychological experimentation with children—and makes no mistake about it this is indeed what it is. But you all know that as well, only the parents are blind in this. The only reason for all of this is to keep the delinquents interested in school by humbling the functioning students by making them all equal. But you know that too. It’s all about the perks and the benefits right? The rest is just part of the job I suppose. I have always been fond of this one, “Well, if it were my son or daughter, I’d move them to another school.” Rhetorically I ask: “Well, genius, what happens when this garbage spreads throughout all of the schools—simply because you were too afraid to open your coward @ss mouths?”
Charles Cornwallace June 27, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Oh, quit your sniveling. The school uniform idea is part of the UN agenda for education anyway. You always get twisted up over the most ridiculous things Dom. These kids will do fine in uniforms. Besides, in our welfare-warfare state, most of them will be going right into the military after school. It’s the only place hiring these days.
Robert Chambers June 27, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Having a uniform policy is not bad, there will be no question as to "Is this appropriate attire" once that is established. Getting dressed in the morning won't be a chore because you'll put on what you're allowed to wear. When I went to school as a kid I had to wear a uniform and it didn't suppress my individuality one iota... That being said I still maintain that the BOE ought to concentrate on the educational basics. I harp on this with my kids all the time, learn your times table, learn how to do math problems by hand not with a calculator, I don't give a rats ass if you can estimate, if you can estimate you can figure it out exactly. Do you think engineers building bridges estimate load carrying capacity? Would you feel safe driving on a bridge designed by someone who just threw together estimates? no me either. Basic learning has taken a back seat to test taking and I blame the No Child Left Behind law for that. Teachers aren't teaching as much as they are prepping and that's not going to help this generation of students compete in the real world. I guarantee the Chinese students aren't spending their school week prepping for the CMT's (Chinese mastery tests) they are learning English, Math, Science and they will be kicking this country's butt in the future and that makes me sad.
Matt June 27, 2012 at 01:20 PM
It really should be an all or nothing policy. It is ridiculous to move a child from one school to another because of a policy such as this.
Jason Bagley (Editor) June 27, 2012 at 02:52 PM
A few comments on the Stratford Patch Facebook page, in response to whether or not a dress code should be enforced district-wide: Amy Breidenbach Zajac: "YES!!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous that our town has separate standards for each school." Guy Falotico: "No. It's stupid. Glad Whitney voted it down." Lisa Clark Horch: "Yes. It levels the field. Jeans and flip flops are not the only issue, but Abercrombie vs. Wal-mart. Stratford, while rich in diversity, is a town with "haves" and "have nots". As a Chapel parent, I'm pleased with the BOE's decision. I believe there should be a town wide school dress code." Chris Catalano: "Yes" Christine Mahmood Uhrynowski: "Yes it should be district wide not just certain schools!!!!" Like us: http://www.facebook.com/StratfordPatch
Mary Ann Jackson June 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I do not agree with you Dom DeCicco. My son has been wearing uniforms for going on 6 years and I don't see a problem with it at all. The kids look neater going to school and they don't dress inappropriate. There are alot of parents that go to schools that don't use uniforms that wish they would. If you don't have kids it's not you problem no is it. Keep your comments to yourself.
Gabriel Kotter June 27, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Just like in North Korea-- right? "Keep your comments to your self'... just like they do in the Republic of North Korea as well. (LOL) Happy 4th of July, I'm sure the date exists behind the curtain as well. I love the part about knowing what to wear each morning -- pesky as that is. Maybe they can even decide what socks and shoes to put on as well, as they do in prisons and in the military. Like I said... Bamboo sandles and some wicker hats maybe. (LMFAO)
Theresa June 27, 2012 at 10:39 PM
I agree with you, Matt. If there is a policy it should be district wide. Parents should consider the real importance of public education, and it has nothing to do with the clothing the child is wearing. This seems to be only an issue for parents who think status is clothing and not achievement.
Theresa June 27, 2012 at 10:46 PM
The "Make Your Day" school-wide behavior program IS working. Walking the halls of our middle schools is proof enough. Students who have no boundaries at home learn what is expected at school. You might ask a parent of a student that was attending Wooster or Flood PRIOR to the program and ask what it was like before it was implemented. I was one of those parents. Individualism is fine, impacting the education of others because you can't control yourself in a classroom for 40 minutes is not. 60% of instructional time wasted on discipline is not an option. Students that want to learn without the pubescent antics in a classroom value the time teachers have to actually TEACH. We're paying them to be educators, not corrections officers.
Mary Ann Jackson June 28, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Iagree with you Matt it should be distrct wide ( all schools ) from elementary, middle, high school.
Yooper June 28, 2012 at 09:15 PM
And I was once so naive I thought Dom used a fake picture. My bad.
Lamont Sanford June 28, 2012 at 11:08 PM
LOL... Yeah, it's working-- closing the "gap" and all, right? It is not working. I speak with functioning children who were students of both of the schools you have mentioned and they all say the program is a joke. The psychopaths are amused by it and know that it has no teeth. Expulsions are down because they are not doing them-- not because the behaviors have changed. Suspensions are down because they are not doing them-- not because the behavior has changed. The people that I find supporting this program are often the parents of students who were the problem in the first place. In closing: Dom is an ugly man and does look somewhat like a cross between Groucho Richard Nixon.
Lamont Sanford June 28, 2012 at 11:14 PM
All or nothing makes it right? So now we get Central tossing in a few "all or nothings"? Predictable -- like reading reading a book (after) you have watched the movie. LOL
Charles Cornwallace June 28, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Level the playing field-- by making the kids wear uniforms.? Do any of you honestly believe that this reflects reality-- as life IS? So clothing is the cause of the fake "gap" I guess? So changing your clothing will improve math and reading scores? I suggest that we completely deconstruct Western culture and have the children wear the silly recyclable bags that people have been paying a dollar for in the grocery stores. This would definitely level the playing field on a global scale by making us look as failed as all other third-world countries, which is where we are heading by design folks. Hey Lamont, sorry I missed your call last night. I'll meet up with you at the next "all-or-nothing" meeting or the "leveling-the-playing-field" Lithium gathering next week.
E bukra e dinjas July 07, 2012 at 11:54 AM
I think that Stratford should make this a district wide policy. I have seen the way some kids dress and it is very inappropriate. I understand that kids need to be who they want to be, but having said that children also have to be shown what is expected of them. Children should not have to worry about who’s wearing what. Dress code works at the two schools that are doing it now and the parents are very happy about it. Kids are not made fun of what they wear because they are all wearing the same thing. I hope that before the school year begins they make it a district wide policy.
lara Gravenor November 07, 2013 at 10:55 AM
School uniforms are breeding a nation of compiant citizens blindly following a bad authority. We have them in South Africa and it came from the old Apartheid government that didn't want us to think or question their authority over us. They used the schools to brainwash us. We still have uniforms and also have shootings, violence, bad grades and bullying. Americans are gullible. It will not solve your problems and you will be ruled with an iron hand. Has anyone asked the question what will happen when one of these kids becomes the President or a government official?


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