Greeters to Be Added to Milford Elementary Schools

The safety measure was discussed during the Budget Workshop Tuesday night, during which the Board of Ed approved a 2.29% Milford Schools budget increase.


Board of Education Chairwoman Tracy Casey began the Board of Education Budget Workshop Tuesday night by reminding those in attendance about the realities of school budgets.

"We use last year's budget and we use forecasting," Casey said. "But it's not in any way a static document. We can't anticipate how many snow days we'll have." Casey went on to note that many of the budget figures were based on enrollment estimates that could change.

Milford Schools Security

One of the first issues that Chairwoman Casey touched on Tuesday night was safety in Milford Schools.

While the question of School Resource Officers will be addressed in the Mayor's budget, Milford Public Schools have set aside $131,000 to put one Greeter at each elementary school.

The Greeter would be at each elementary school every day and become part of the fabric of the school. They would be unarmed and paid between $14,000-$15,000 each school year.

Chairperson Casey noted that she spoke with Milford Police Chief Keith Mello to find out what he thought about adding a Greeter to each of the eight elementary schools in Milford.

"Our police department are the experts on security," Casey said, noting that a School Safety Work Committee was being re-established.

As Chairperson Casey explained it, she called Chief Mello and said, "Should greeters be greeters like they've been presented? Should they be employees? Should they be volunteers? Should they be security? Or Chief Mello, should it be a policeman?"

Casey noted that Chief Mello believed that having paid Greeter employees was the right course of action. "He felt very strongly that we did not need police in our elementary school," Casey added.

The Final Numbers

The Board of Education was able to cut an additional $27,025 than had originally been expected. The budget for the 2013-2014 school year will be $88.8 million, an increase of 2.29%. 

Concerned Parent January 24, 2013 at 07:58 PM
@Ron, its interesting you use a term like "fences" to make your point. Fences inhibit access, where greeters do not. Schools face the same risk, despite havin a greeter, of someone accessing the facility with the intent to harm. People fail to remember Columbine where the shooter was a student.
Larissa Watt January 24, 2013 at 08:48 PM
After reading Dr. Feser's explanation of the greeter's I think it's a great idea..I misunderstood and thought it was in some way replacing security..
Larissa Watt January 24, 2013 at 08:50 PM
@JE, Thanks for sharing..
Rich Enders January 24, 2013 at 09:30 PM
Taking that responsibility from the Secretary's is a great idea. Thank you JE for posting Dr. Feser's dialogue. It certainly would have been helpful to read that with the article. I do however think it's very easy to infer that the Greeter would have some role in security. Chief Mello was asked his opinion and if you read the presentation from Dr. Feser, costs for Security Upgrades and the Greeters are grouped together.
RONALD M GOLDWYN February 01, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Ed Fences work in both directions, it keeps people out as well as in. A locked door prevents entry by the unauthorized and may allow students to exit by a secondary means as suggested by the Milford Police Dept. Right now the Police say that every elementary school classroom is lockable, but I would spend the money to provide steel doors and bucks so that they are bulletproof as well, thereby making entry much harder. I would also make all locks lockable from a central point so that an intruder is limited to the halls only. My thinking point is that a greeter serves only honest civilians, to a deranged person arriving with guns, be it a student or an outsider, the greeter will only be the first victim of a greater incident. Glass or wood doors are no hardship to a gunman intent on killing people at the school. Steel doors as are found at police HQ may restrict entry. Elementary schools are not likely to have a student shoot up the school, but in the secondary schools, such is a possibility and that requires a different solution. Right now we are seeking to make the elementary schools safe.


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