Trumbull Schools: 'We Had a Wonderful, Impressive Opening'

Trumbull High School still needs work, but it was deemed clean and safe enough to open.

All of Trumbull's schools opened up as planned Monday. Even more significantly, the the first classes of all-day Kindergarten commenced and newly renovated opened its doors.

While there is more work to do on THS, First Selectman Tim Herbst and Asst. Schools Supt. Gary Cialfi said they were pleased with the state of THS.

Many officials and parents were concerned that THS would not pass inspection in time because of unfinished work such as missing ceiling tiles, exposed pipes, furniture stored outside and dust everywhere. The alarm systems also needed testing.

The school's certificate of occupancy was granted at 2 p.m. Sunday, Herbst said.

After greeting students and parents at , Herbst toured THS.

Afterward, he said, "Now I'll sleep tonight."

Work continues at the school but the construction zones are restricted to construction workers only. The next step is sanding 40 years of wax off the floors. Also up in the air is how to proceed on a concession stand.


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THS Renovations began five years ago and they are expected to conclude in January.

Schools Supt. Ralph Iassogna issued a statement Monday afternoon:

"From all indications -- staff, students, and parents – we had a wonderful, impressive opening.

District Wise:

  • Custodial staff did a fantastic job in readying the buildings and making them a welcoming place to enter.
  • Administrators did a superb job in ensuring everything was student/staff ready.
  • Teachers were well-prepared and did a super job in making their rooms ready and the school a receptive learning environment.
  • Students appeared happy to be back and already were engaged in school orientations and learning activities.
  • Special note of praise goes to Trumbull High School where most of our opening concerns were placed due to the renovation.

Following several building walkthroughs and discussions with Fire Marshals Meghan Murphy and Alex Rauso, Building Inspector Graham Bissett, Board Chair Stephen Wright, First Selectman Timothy Herbst, Principal Robert Tremaglio, Owner’s Rep AFB and THS Head Custodian Ed Bike, we received our temporary C.O. and confirmed that Trumbull High School would be clean, safe, occupiable and for the most part, work-ready. Of course, there are items that still need to be completed, many of which are routinely related to a renovation project. Those that are not, are being addressed as quickly as possible.

Although it certainly was a team effort to open Trumbull High School, the Building Committee’s Owner’s Reps, Al and John Barbarotta, and THS Head Custodian Ed Bike and his staff were phenomenal in their tireless efforts to ready the building. THS administrators, teachers, and support staff picked up the ball and, if the first day working with students is an indication, the THS experience will be enriching and rewarding.

My thanks to all for a great opening!!!"

SHK August 28, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I personally do not feel that Trumbull High School should have started yesterday or even today and this is coming from an extremely well informed and involved THS student. A multitude of teachers do not even have access to their belongings and files. The majority of the copy machines, printers, and computers are not functioning. This put a massive burden on the teachers as they were unable to pass out crucial papers, in particular, supplies lists. Numerous students including myself, are still unsure what materials they require for each class. The B house main and guidance offices are still not completely finished, the computers and desks are not totally set up and this makes it difficult for the staff such as the secretaries. The Media center, a crucial and integral space for the school is still under construction. Despite all this, however, I feel the entire community of faculty,staff,administrators, as well as the students are definitely making the best out of this difficult situation and are trying hard. I commend everyone
Hank August 28, 2012 at 09:57 PM
What building construction is in the last 2 pictures?
Aaron Leo August 28, 2012 at 11:08 PM
St. Joe's in Trumbull.


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