Stratford Council Candidate Talks Dog Park, Toxic Waste, More

Robyn Greenspan addresses some topics posed by Stratford Patch.

I’ve that some of Stratford’s issues are structural in nature, and accordingly, the outstanding "big ticket" topics can have overlapping, and frequently interrelated, solutions.

I’ll attempt to consolidate my positions into this one article, and illustrate the intertwining threads.


Dirty streets and neighborhoods don’t often get the same attention as the big issues but litter is absolutely detrimental to quality of life and economic development.

Littering can be dealt with in two ways: prevention and cleanup. Prevention would require law enforcement, where we are currently understaffed, and cleanup requires more public works employees, where 12 positions were eliminated in the last two years, despite a which would have kept them intact.

The solution to littering could lie in staffing, which requires more money in the budget, leading me to the next item on this integrated list of issues.

Salary of the Town Attorney

Take a look at the town budgets and you’ll be staggered by the escalating legal fees, currently peaking at nearly $2 million being spent in the town attorney’s office.

Cost-containment should be a priority, and since the Council controls the funding for that office, the town attorney can be made an in-house position. That incredible savings can pay for the restoration of public works employees and an economic development director…

Economic Development

We need leadership with a proactive and strategic vision for the kind of town Stratford can be, and which industries will yield the most growth, jobs, opportunities and contributions to the tax base.

Hiring an experienced economic development director who brings a strong redevelopment, business growth and marketing strategy designed to attract and engage commercial enterprises that can contribute to the grand list is an imperative.

For example: Dogstar Studios was touted as the catalyst for spurring a whole new growth industry in Stratford, but this project languishes too. A visionary leader who believed that the film industry would leverage Stratford's proximity to New York, Boston, New Haven, I-95, airport, railroad, beach and forest film settings, and quaint New England locale would be busy courting the ecosystem to support the burgeoning growth.

There was strong advocacy for hiring an economic development director, from a variety of stakeholders, and it once appeared in Mayor Harkins' budget. But recruitment efforts were stalled and the position disappeared as a line item last year.

But how can you attract people and employers when properties are contaminated with…

Environmental and Hazardous Waste

Just this week, the Connecticut Post on the residential homes and commercial properties sitting on toxic sites, and causing health concerns. The longer this languishes, the more detrimental it becomes to our residents, and disturbing and transporting toxic waste through neighborhoods is likely to present future health hazards.

Where we are with this issue is indicative in many ways of how Stratford has operated: we reach a stalemate or are unable to find an equitable solution, and we wait, and wait, and wait.

What we need to break through the gridlock is the kind of innovative thinking 3rd District Town Council member Matt Catalano has proposed: cost-effective EPA-approved soil-cleaning technology.

Speaking of stalemates, remediation and economic development, here lies the prime example…

Stratford Army Engine Plant

We have allowed ourselves to become victims of the Army, waiting for them to try every imaginable scenario with a one-dimensional benefit instead of us proactively engaging higher levels of Connecticut leadership who can influence better solutions.

The Army’s reluctance to subdivide the property, which would enable Stratford to sell some less toxic parcels more quickly, further underscores our lack of ability to influence the Army and their lack of regard for the interests of Stratford.

If we could subdivide, remediate and build on the less contaminated sites, that development would spur further growth and provide momentum to build on the next parcel, and the next, until the area is fully cleaned and developed.

You can’t talk about SAEP without coupling it with the other big legacy issue…

Shakespeare Theatre

First, I would never favor a poorly conceived contract like the one the Town Council was about to sign with William Hanney in 2009. It was nearly all risk, and no benefit for Stratford.

I’d like to explore partnering with an educational facility to create a performing arts school. Trumbull High School has an Agriscience Center; Bridgeport Public Schools has an Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center; why not a Stratford Regional Theater and Performing Arts Center? Educational grants would be a likely funding source, minimizing financial consideration to the town.

Meanwhile, the development of the White House as a can quickly be accomplished within months.

As long as we’re making the theatre a focal point…

Stratford Center Redevelopment

I like the idea, whereby we really put the elements in place to make Stratford a destination. A great example is what's occurring in Hudson, NY. It was a town without growth, and even declining, and then some shops and galleries opened. People began investing in the properties and revitalizing them. Now it's becoming upscale, as tourists, day-trippers and second homeowners buy antiques, art and gourmet food. Stratford already has many advantages over Hudson -- we're not on a decline; we have the RR; buildings are not in disrepair, etc.

A recent Patch discussion, , triggered many great ideas. I suggested Stratford might capitalize on our haunted past and add more Salem-flair with a new age kind of shop and related gift stores, which could spur artisans, crafts, coffee and food specialties shops.

If we’re a destination, let’s make it pet-friendly…

Stratford Dog Park

(An idea that will be presented to the next sworn in Council)

I lost my older dog earlier this summer, and adopted a rescue dog from Puerto Rico last month. She has special needs that make walking difficult, but, surprisingly she is a great runner so dog parks have become recent weekend tours.

I met Carissa and Matt, Residents for a Stratford CT dog park, and have been listening to their ideas about the neighboring dog parks they think have worthy attributes.

At their suggestion, I learned more about the Shelton Dog Park and visited the facility (in the Halloween snow storm), and found it to be a model that would have minimal impact on town resources while contributing to two- and four-legged residents’ quality of life. 

And let’s bring this full circle, back to littering, where I first mentioned…

Public Safety 

Understaffed Police and Fire Department, Pensions

Here’s another stalemate: a savings opportunity is available with the Stratford Fire Department contracts to reduce pensions and diminish the unbalanced burden placed on taxpayers. However, nothing has been accomplished in two years.

Additionally, as long as the FD remains understaffed, overtime will continue skyrocketing. Democrats have advocated to significantly reduce the $2 million overtime by hiring the minimum number of staff and scheduling annual tests to maintain a qualified list of candidates. Was that plan or a viable alternative even considered?

All first responders -- Police, Fire, EMS -- need the necessary equipment and support to perform their jobs well, along with equitable short- and long-term financial compensation. However, just as equipment must be state-of-the-art, so must the structure of the benefits and pension plans. Transitioning from an old, unbalanced system to one that is in alignment with market standards has to happen.

An Addendum: Mayor’s Salary

Does the next mayor deserve a salary review to ensure we’re in alignment with municipalities similar to our demographics? Yes. Do I think that equals $25,000? Definitely not.

Most importantly, I want someone with the skill set to do the job right. I’d rather attract someone who looks at this role as an opportunity to effect positive change (and perhaps a decrease in salary), than someone who sees it as a $100k+ jackpot and an ego trip.


All these interconnected issues have resulted in a quilt of untapped potential for Stratford. You can’t look at these individually; there has to be big-picture vision and holistic approach toward associated solutions.

To help solve them requires a strong team of innovative thinkers, and, more importantly, "do-ers" -- not talkers. I hope you vote for the candidates who are outlining the new ideas and the action plans to follow them up.   

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.

Rusty Nail2 November 04, 2011 at 12:21 PM
Robyn - Thank you for your summary of what you see as the problems in town. I am in the 9th district and have been reading and watching what both candidates say. I always vote! I must tell you that in your summary you have avoided discussing the "major" problems in the town which are the tax cost drivers. Where are your solutions or suggestions to the pension problem, the BOE heath insurance problem, the $2.0M fire department overtime problem, and finally, the decimation of the public works department? You did catch one of the big problems which is legal fees. If you are not prepared to take these on then I cannot vote for you. These are the problems bringing down the financial condition of the town, costing education resources for our children and driving tax increases. My issue with the Mayor is that he is not solving any of these. The items you discuss above are certainly important such as economic development, but you are only addressing soft, feel good issues (littering, dog park, stfd center) What is your position on the issues I mentioned and your solutions? I am disgusted with no one solving these.
Dave Fuller November 04, 2011 at 01:00 PM
Great dialogue Robyn. Thanks for running a campaign based on ideas and listening to the concerns of other people in town.
Robyn Greenspan November 04, 2011 at 01:47 PM
RustyNail2, I appreciate you being an informed voter. "Where are your solutions or suggestions to the pension problem, the BOE heath insurance problem, the $2.0M fire department overtime problem, and finally, the decimation of the public works department?" I addressed all of these except for the BOE issue in this article but I will clarify and add more depth: Pensions have to be restructured to a more equitable system, like a contribution-based system. However, we haven't seen anything accomplished during the contract negotiations over two years. I would like the Mayor to bring this to fair resolution. FD overtime: "Democrats have advocated to significantly reduce the $2 million overtime by hiring the minimum number of staff and scheduling annual tests to maintain a qualified list of candidates." Public Works: I've maintained that the cost-containment and savings that comes from the TA's office, among other departments where there are inefficiencies, could help restore some, if not all, of those positions. BOE health insurance: First, I would like to know if there was a recent service provider review or comparison. Any business changes vendors when costs become uncontrollable. I had suggested a self-insured option but my research leads me to believe this might not be viable for our demographics. A regional pool might be the next thing we explore. I hope this information has been helpful. Robyn
Robyn Greenspan November 04, 2011 at 02:15 PM
Thanks, Dave! We don't have to agree on everything but I think a candidate should at the very least share ideas as a starting point for discussion.
George E. Mulligan November 04, 2011 at 03:08 PM
RUSTY NAIL is INFORMED: Of 2010 $ 185 MILLION BUDGET, $ 51.7 MILLION was BENEFITS, includes $ 19.65 MILLION PENSION cost. - NATIONALLY healthcare cost: up from (1999) $ 6,000 to (2009 )$ 12,000 - STRATFORD HEALTH CARE per FAMILY $ 22,500 both BoE & TOWN. - My political opinion is KICK BACKS and INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIPS are devasting the BUDGET both in COST & LOST REVENUES, including ECONOMIC EXODUS and I believe INTENTIONALLY DELAYED AVCO, RAYMARK, & other issues, so local, state, & federal politicians, lawyers, government bureaucrats could retire to get LOBBY MONEY related to DEVELOPMENT of STRATFORD, BRIDGEPORT, & the VALLEY. - The INFRASTRUCTURE is ALMOST inplace: > SIKORSKY BRIDGE over HOUSATONIC = SUPERB - extra lane > Bridgeport I - 95 FANTASTIC JOB - added lane > Bridgeport 25 connector - extra lanes built into it > MOSES WHEEELER BRIDGE - I - 95 adding extra lane. > EXTRA LANES being added - Fairfield toward Stamford - Milford towards New Haven - East Haven towards RI - Rte 34 into NEW HAVEN - OCT 2009 Water polution control TREATMENT PLANT completed! - It is 300 % of capacity for the AIRPORT & AVCO, which are 2 years away, in time for the ELECTIONS. - Meanwhile it could TREAT the RAYMARK GROUND WATER combined with the AVI TECHNOLOGY, Councilman Catalano wrote about this week & Tom Smith's Save Stratford were told about in 2010 by PA group. - Harkins had known about AVI minimum 6 months. I was told AVI made a local presentation.
Tom November 04, 2011 at 06:53 PM
Say "No To Make Your Day." ..return the classrooms back to the teachers!
David Durgy November 04, 2011 at 11:45 PM
George, your post on infrastructure says volumes about your NIMBY attitude towards things that might benefit Stratford. You extol these advances yet vehemently oppose an exit 33 due to the compounds that your home sits on. Perhaps you have noticed the area of the potential exit 33 is constantly being dug up during the construction of the new Moses Wheeler bridge. Is this or is it not the same dirt you rail against?
Olivia Gombar November 04, 2011 at 11:59 PM
Hi Robyn, I think, should I be elected, that before I decide on all of these issues I will go to the people who are directly involved in these matters and hear what they have to say first. The committee people, the department people, the environmental groups, etc. One at a time. They have the insight and knowlege that only comes from living with these projects and problems day in and day out for in some cases years. I respect their perspectives. Olivia
Olivia Gombar November 05, 2011 at 12:47 AM
I would like to thank former Councilwoman Kim Meuse for all of her help and insight during this campaign. Her wisdom is clear-sighted, intelligent and spot on with accuracy. During her council term she worked diligently to seek the truth on all issues and made her judgements accordingly based on facts and what was right for Stratford. Her absence will be sorely missed on council. I for one know how lucky I am to call her my friend. Thanks for everything, Kim.
George E. Mulligan November 07, 2011 at 03:51 AM
One must keep your ears & mind open, yet fact check when dealing with the very people who have vested interests in protecting their interests at the cost to the general public. Sometimes people honestly do not understand the existant abuses. - 60 minutes interview of Jack Abramoff showed someone who helped pervert the system, as a very, very successful Lobbyist. Only in RETROSPECTION has he admitted his damage.
Rusty Nail2 November 07, 2011 at 01:19 PM
Robyn: Thank you for your reply. A few comments. I think the main issue is that the Mayor is not dealing effectively with any of the unions. Let's take the BOE health insurance issue. The union membership refuses to give on the expensive HSA plan. Thus, when costs go up, they threaten to close schools rather than change the plan. The Mayor should make it clear that if any school closes, in it's place he will launch a Charter non-union school. This will create competition in the school system and result in less public/union employees as parents will flock to move their kids to the charter school. He should also replace Cornish. Good luck to you tomorrow!
George E. Mulligan November 07, 2011 at 03:27 PM
David, that digging up exit # 33 is exactly what I am against. I favor ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE, but not by IGNORANT GANGSTERS. Are you one of the Welfare Queens of MRCC or JUDITH TERRACE? - Are you aware the EPA removed the centerfold of EPA BULLETIN # 44, RAYMARK, which had a COLOR CODED MAP of ALL of the DUMPSITES? > They edited the ONLINE VERSION to make it appear it NEVER existed? > It contains the color CODE of 1 acre across from the sikorsky runway that Bridgeport wants to steal. - David, do you favor AIRBORN ASBESTOS coming into YOUR HOME (NIMBY?) David, do you favor AIRBORN VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) coming into YOUR HOME (NIMBY?) David, do you favor PCBs coming into YOUR back yard, where your children play and where you grow your garden (NIMBY?) David, do you favor PCBs coming into YOUR RIVER where you FISH or CLAM (NIMBY?) - David, do you TRUST the GOVERNMENT to tell you the TRUTH about possible DANGERS to your FAMILY'S HEALTH (NIMBY?). - Am I a "chicken little?" - If so why: 1 - Were VENTS & ALARMS built into 110 homes & businesses to evacuate "potential VOC" from Existing 500 acre ground water plume of POISONED ground water? - 2 - Why did the EPA spend OVER $ 200 million on RAYMARK SUPERFUND? Why is it called a SUPERFUND SITE? - 3 - Why has the EPA acknowledged the WATER is NOT FIT to be DRANK? - DAVID could it be you are a SOUL LESS uncaring PIIYBYSICMM? "Put it in your back yard so i can make money!"
Jezebel282 November 07, 2011 at 05:54 PM
Rusty, Unfortunately, it is not a union issue. The HSA plan was chosen by Chief Operating Officer Ben Branyan (who was hailed at the time) and approved by the BOE. The only requirement the mean nasty unions had was that it at least had the same coverage as the existing plan. At a minimum, we should put the blame where it belongs; on the BOE administration and Connecticare.
Kimberly Meuse. November 07, 2011 at 11:32 PM
Well said, Jezebel.
David Durgy November 08, 2011 at 01:33 AM
George said: Are you one of the Welfare Queens of MRCC or JUDITH TERRACE? Really? That's your best shot? With all due respect to Ms. Robyn Greenspan's letter I'm not interested in enabling your hijacking of all things where George has been wronged. And were I to sling arrows I would remind everyone that no one on Judith Terrace has their windows covered in foil so the Black Ops helicopters can't identify their position. I personally feel an exit would good be for the town. I've also seen the property where it would go dug up multiple times in the process of redoing the Moses Wheeler bridge that in an earlier post you are on record as being a positive move. You say you are "opposed" to that but your last post was the first time on that specific point I brought up. All else from you has been generalizations and scare tactics as it was happening under your nose. I am a 12 year resident of White Street and two years ago I lost my wife to her second battle to pancreatic cancer. Don't think for a second I didn't consider how this happened. Turns out with her brother suffering the same fate, growing up in upstate New York near the mills on the Hudson had much to do with it. So yes, I'm more than aware of VOCs. I was in the lumber business in the 70's through the 90's and openly questioned when pressure treated lumber was all the rage whether the use of CCA infused lumber was good for people.
David Durgy November 08, 2011 at 01:39 AM
So I ask, if this little wish of mine for an exit was so god awful why has no one gone ballistic over the unearthing of all that will kill us? As a discussion about Stratford center evolves it was noted that Milford center was looked at as a model, Today's CT Post illustrates how that has failed. We have an anchor to build from and it needs to be taken advantage of. Barnum from Main to Bridgeport is a dump that no one has any interest in improving. Main Street downtown will never allow true development, too many entrenched former homes transitioned to lawyers, doctors, funeral homes that will claim among other things historical status to concede to multiple use "high rise" properties. And the hand wringing on MaIn should AVCO be developed. Good luck with that.
George E. Mulligan November 08, 2011 at 01:58 AM
Mr. Durgy, My condolences about the death of your wife to Cancer. - Black Ops & helicopters? Maybe you should talk to the "DOD liaison to the White House" under "W" Bush & rehired under Obama? - He is the point of contact to Sikorsky AIRCRAFT maker of Air Force one & two Helicopters. - Before the advent-uses of DRONES the helicopter Air Cavalry made the US ARMY the number # 1 Air Force in the World. - Is it co-incidence his name is George D Mulligan Jr? - WIKIPEDIA The White House Military Office (WHMO), an entity of the Executive Office of the President, provides military support for White House functions, including food service, Presidential transportation, medical support, emergency medical services, & hospitality services. White House Military Office is headed by Deputy Assistant to the President & Director, White House Military Office. This office is currently held by George D. Mulligan Jr - Mulligan served as the office's deputy director since 2005 & held several other positions there since 1994. - BLOG POST In golf, a "Mulligan" is a do-over for a poor play. Obama's ordering of the infamous Air Force One flyover has resulted in a political Mulligan. The former Director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera, resigned after being made the scapegoat for another stupid Obama decision. Today, we have a real life Mulligan in that of George Mulligan, the new Director of the White House Military Office
George E. Mulligan November 08, 2011 at 02:19 AM
Mr. Durgy, if this little wish of mine for an exit was so god awful why has no one gone ballistic over the unearthing of all that will kill us? Reply: Please see my POST this am specific to EPA Bulletin # 44. 1) In the BULLETIN - If you drink the GROUND WATER - YOU CAN DIE! 2) SAVE STRATFORD & RAC people live mostly on the other side the Rail Road Tracks and their property abutts the 14 year old CAP on the Raybestos Softball field. > The TEMPORARY CAP is guarenteed for only 10 years. > The TEMPORARY CAP is 14 years OLD, with CRACK in IT > They FEAR AIRBORNE ASBESTOS. > With only a FEW EXCEPTIONS they LIVE UPSTREAM of the GROUND WATER. > You do not read about Save Stratford, nor RAC, as they are WORN DOWN by CAREER do NOTHINGS > I have been THE VOICE about VOC. > My neighbors know little. They want to know less. OSTRICHES. > With 14 FOR SALE SIGNS on a 1.2 MILE STREET where PROPERY VALUES are still DOWN 40 % they are VOTING with their FEET. - I fought TOWN HALL. Dec 4, 2010 & SEPT 12, 2011 I came down with SYMPTOM exactly consistent with ARSENIC POISONING. - SEPT 16 I was HOSPITALIZED due to an INFECTION from a FALL ABOUT 32 HOURS from PROBABLE POISONING after having FLUIDS force from me for 24 hours. - I was HOSPITALIZED about 100 HOURS after likely POISONING - TOXICOLOGY REPORT needs URINE or BLOOD with 24 hours of POISONING - Due to time from likely poisoning & FLUIDS DRAINS, BLOOD & URINE TOXICOLOGY TESTS were INCONCLUSIVE
Rusty Nail2 November 08, 2011 at 01:13 PM
Jezebel: Your knowledge of town issues, business and finance continues to underwhelm me. The problem with the BOE healthcare plan is that it is too "rich" a plan. So, experience levels in the plan are high due to excessive use. No deductibles or out of pocket expenses cause excessive use as does the HSA. The plan coverage is excessive and over charges young teachers. Connecticare is not to blame. It a good thing Obamacare passed with that 15% decrease in premiums or the BOE plan would have gone up 75% every year! I see light at the end of the tunnel and voted this morning. It was an easy choice. I picked against everyone that Jez endorsed. One more year left of Obama!!!!!
Jezebel282 November 08, 2011 at 01:36 PM
Rusty, LOL! Nothing wins an argument better than insults, huh? Excessive use? Do you work for Connecticare? That's the reason they used for their 62% increase. Do you really think anyone goes to a doctor for fun? And by the way, there are premium payments and out of pocket contribution to the HSA. It depends on the particular contract you are discussing. But you somehow left out the fact that it is Connecticare who raises the premiums and deductibles not the unions. But whatever. You have your agenda.
Frank Stirna November 08, 2011 at 03:12 PM
Interesting concepts, however to turn the White House into a public Museum would require it to be completely renovated and would need to comply with the towns building codes, take longer than a few months to raise the cash and rebuild the building that is if it is even restoreable might be cheaper to tear it down and build a new Museum building. A New Age shop in the center... is it mind readers, reading cards and selling crystals? or do we intend on competing with Roswell. Why not pay a Mayor what he would be making working for a private firm how are we going to attract talent with out paying them, anyone who says they'd take the Mayors position for less money probably would realize a substantial pay increase over their present employment if they were elected. OK on the dog park just please don't put one next door to me. Attorney's fees? Money well spent ask anyone in Lordship. Shakespeare and the Army Engine Plant? Do your homework on those two properties. Toxic soil cleanup? Wait, wait, wait then all of a sudden someone discovers new cost effective technology ask Matt Catalano.
George E. Mulligan November 08, 2011 at 07:30 PM
NEW Clean up Technology came from a PA citizen group. 8-9 months ago, it was sent to Save Stratford, RAC members, & me. Actually she found me - I turned her to them, about 2 years ago. Maybe 6 months ago Save Stratford & Catalano & others made a presentation to Mayor Harkins, who has been SILENT. - AVCO is twice the size as RAYMARK with FAR WORSE POISONS. HARKINS & fiends do NOT want it SUPERFUNDED, if I hear correctly. - I am the CHICKEN LITTLE about GROUND WATER POISONS leaching to HOUSATONIC RIVER from 1) RAYBESTOS SOFTBALL FIELD & RAYMARK 2) 20 other dumpsites including 1 acre across from Runway 3) SIKORSKY - 98 % probability will be a SUPERFUND SITE 4) Dresser/Ashcroft - Contract Plating - Tilo 5) SIKORSKY AIRPORT 6) Stratford Ave / Honeyspot / Surf / Lordship Blvd area - SHAKESPEARE is a WORLD WIDE BRAND. ONLY IDIOTS or THEIVES looking to steal everything would MUCK IT UP. - Catalano & Historic District place more value on the White House than I do. However, if it helps build value as a tourist trap ... ehr attraction to build the SHAKESPEARE 24/7/365 use and adding funds to the GENERAL FUND ... IF. The MAYOR does NOTHING except get elected. As bad as Miron was, at least he was visible? For all we know, they just dress up & wheel out a mannaquin for TV with this guy. - It would have been cheaper to pay Berchem, Willinger, Mirons, Kelly, Aldrich, Cabol, DeCilio, Kubic & others to move outta Stratford. - cut Toxins by 15 %?
Frank Stirna November 08, 2011 at 09:28 PM
seems to all be specious arguments and sophistry. I don't know what to do with or about Raybestos waste but getting hysterical everytime the topic comes up before elections or someone proposes a solution isn't the answer. Army Engine Plant - It belongs to the Army for now. I don't believe we have much say in what is going on, for now that is. Only an idiot would sink their money into the Shakespeare property and do what we in the town want to do with the property, we're asking people to put up the money, the work and follow our dream/business plan. Go ahead find someone with millions of dollars to invest thats going to invest it then do as we say, thats really kinda funny. Again with the white house it needs to be completely restored and brought up to code before it can safely be used for anything, it needs professional structural engineers to inspect it before we make any big plans they could tell us if it is worth the effort, not that we'd take anyone's expert advice unless it is what we wanted to hear in the first place. The fact is it is old, been neglected and needs much more than a lip job and a sound bath. Miron wasn't bad. Whats wrong with a Mayor that avoids making a town the laughing stock of the east coast? Cheaper to pay for people to move...that's a cheap shot.
George E. Mulligan November 09, 2011 at 02:41 AM
Mr Stirna is entitled to his opinions. - Why not check 1) online EPA RAYMARK BULLETIN # 44 2) HARD COPY of SAME from LIBRARY or EPA, with missing 2 pages. 3) CT POST 5 page feature story October 30. 4) Matt Catalano Letter to Editor Nov 1 or 2 CT POST ARI Technologies 5) Web site ARI Technologies - I spoke to the President. - Shakespeare is as well know or better known than Mickey Mouse. It is called a Brand. Name recognition has value. There are ways to completely finance the entire project without 1 cent of PUBLIC FUNDS and to COMPLETELY REPAY to the GENERAL FUND every PENNY SPENT for - Repaving the parking lot - Repairing the roof - Cleaning up the INSIDE - Maintaining the property. - The White House is a Historic Property. I am NOT getting involved in what it does or does not need, because the entire Shakespeare project and HANNEY FARCE is steeped in political bovine scatology and political financial bogus hocus pocus. - If the general popluation knew the number$ and how their pocket$ have been picked .... Miron & Harkins have / had E X A C T L Y the same LAW FIRMS and many of the S A M E PERSONNEL. - I believe and posted in advance that Stratford elections results were already created about JULY and likely has been Bridgeportized, where piles of premarked ballots were likely set aside to be added as needed. > The Town Attorneys police themselves & their own Budgets. > Registrars are appointed by the partied who appoint same lawyers
Dom DeCicco December 11, 2011 at 04:12 PM
To the candidates that have been defeated this past election: you all claimed to have some great idea. You all met with people that agreed with you and were willing to vote for you in order to bring positive chage to Stratford. Where are you now on these issues? Is there anybody out there.? Just because you lost an election doesn't mean you should shrink up and hold onto you tricks until the next one. Get out here and at least post.


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