Stratford Home Sales Average $264K

The town clerk reports the following recent real estate transactions. Scroll down for full list.

The following 12 property transfers have an average sale price of $264,000.

262 Breakers Lane sold on Jan. 22 (date recorded) for $380,000.

239 Orange Street sold on Jan. 29 for $90,000.

17 Hawley Glen sold on Jan.29 for $196,000.

3699 Broadbridge Avenue Unit 223 sold on Jan. 29 for $127,000.

76 River Bend Road sold on Jan. 25 for $200,000.

11 Round Hill Road sold on Jan. 25 for $337,222.

270 Fox Hill Road sold on Jan. 25 for $180,000.

30 Springview Avenue sold on Jan. 24 for $200,000.

207 Crown Street sold on Jan. 24 for $272,000.

1295 Cutspring Road sold on Jan. 23 for $175,000.

140 Douglas Street sold on Jan. 23 for $225,000.

344 Windsor Avenue sold on Jan. 23 for $264,000.

Tom February 01, 2013 at 09:43 PM
I guess we’re supposed to be lulled into some trance by the fact that a residence is selling for an average of 264K in Stratford. I guess we’re supposed to forget about all the neighbors we have lost along the way to mortgage foreclosure or even just plain old flight. I guess all of us should just stare into the spinning wheel of positive anecdotes, absent of any quantifiable fact; having to do with particular property sales, custom picked scholastic statistics, or even under reported crime data and just recite, “There’s no place like home.” I guess we should where blinders to the fact that there are no jobs, is no growth, and most of what does take place around here has much to do with grants and cronyism.


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