Stratford Mother, Musician Calls for Middle Ground in Gun Debate

Kori Hammel of the popular indie band Mates of State attended yesterday's legislature hearing on gun violence at the State Capitol. She came with the group March for Change.

"Sandy Hook was 10 minutes from where I grew up. I just can't act like everything is OK."

That's what the New York Times quoted Stratford mother and musician Kori Hammel saying at yesterday's tense legislature hearing on gun violence held at the State Capitol in Hartford.

Hammel told the newspaper she was there with March for Change, a group which describes itself as "a coalition of activists supporting the enactment of safer gun legislation in CT."

Hammel and her husband, Jason, make up the popular indie band Mates of State. After Monday's hearing, Kori posted this message to the more than 46,000 followers of the band's Facebook page:

"I went and and stood in the cold, icy snow today, outnumbered by hundreds of NRA members, in order to be present and testify at the public hearing in Hartford regarding proposed CT gun legistlation. Whether you agree with every measure or not, I have to say I'm sickened that many today seemed to feel there is no middle ground. That there is no need for any progress."


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