Stratford Eye on the Beltway: Blumenthal on Facebook Lawsuit

And, DeLauro comments on a lawsuit challenging contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act.


BLUMENTHAL: The senator appeared live on CNN on Thursday to comment about the lawsuit against Facebook, which alleges that negative views of the company's growth potential were hidden from shareholders prior to IPO. He said that disclosure laws need to change so that "the playing field is really fair and balanced."

LIEBERMAN: A bipartisan group of senators, including Lieberman and Blumenthal, reintroduced the Graham-Lieberman-Casey resolution that will put the Senate on record as ruling out a strategy of containment for a nuclear-armed Iran. The new resolution has been updated to reflect statements made by President Obama since the original resolution was put forward, ruling out containment.

“When it comes to Iran, all options need to be on the table except for one – and that is containment,” Lieberman said. “Since we first introduced this resolution in February, President Obama has announced that he agrees that containment is unacceptable, and a bipartisan supermajority of 78 Senators has endorsed this position. Now we need to have a vote on the Senate floor on this resolution, so we can send a clear and united message to Tehran that they will not be allowed to get a nuclear weapons capability under any circumstances.”

DELAURO: The congresswoman released a statement Wednesday on a lawsuit filed this week by a group of Catholic organizations challenging the provision on contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act:

“I am disappointed this lawsuit, which would undermine women’s health, was filed — particularly when the Administration is still working with the involved parties on a final rule," she said. "Guaranteeing all Americans access to quality, affordable health care was the cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act. Covering effective preventative services—including contraception—is a critical part of that. The compromise between the Administration and religious leaders last February struck the right balance between covering those services and respecting churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship.”

MURPHY: The congressman released a statement in response to the  news that Meriden and Newtown will each receive $200,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up hazardous substances, and the Waterbury Development Corp will receive $200,000 for hazardous substance clean-up and $200,000 for site assessments. 

"In a state with so many old factories like Connecticut, we have a huge opportunity to turn these old buildings into new jobs now by cleaning them up and redeveloping the sites," he said. "I’ve constantly sought to push for grants as a way to make our communities safer and healthier, while boosting local economies and [creating] jobs."


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