Stratford DTC Will Revamp in 2014, Leaders Say

2013 candidate Joe Paul told the Connecticut Post he may field his own slate in January.

Stratford Democrats may see a large-scale revamp following their November losses in the municipal election, including the vote that saw John Harkins become the town's first two-term mayor in a rout against challenger Joe Paul, according to chair Joe Buturla.

Buturla won't be running for re-election — "I took a good look at what would be required of the DTC chairman in the next two years, and my practice is busy and getting busier," he told the Connecticut Postadding he would back Board of Education member Len Petruccelli as his successor.

The 2013 campaign saw numerous bumps in the road for Democrats, including a primary contest between Paul and DTC-backed Beth Daponte. In a town council race, the DTC also waffled in support of candidate Jason Santi.

In November, Paul said he wished he'd had more support from his party.

"When you are not the endorsed candidate it is difficult, and it shouldn’t be," he told the Stratford Star. "We had to overcome a bit of resistance because I was not endorsed."

But when decision time comes for Democrats at the caucus in January, Paul may field his own ticket, he told the Post.

"I've got quite a few people on the Democratic Town Committee who have said that they would like to be on my slate," he said.

Registered Stratford Democrats will meet in January to present a slate of committee members for the DTC.
Bob Cerani December 14, 2013 at 09:57 PM
I do not think it can be done,there are to many factors involved. and too much infighting.


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