Stratford Dog Park Denied Roosevelt Forest

That’s according to the man behind the movement. One town official, however, says they just need more information.

If there is to be a dog park in Stratford, it does not look like it will be at Roosevelt Forest.

Although the town body that controls the 250-acre property has not officially turned down the idea, the Stratford man campaigning for the park says it's been a "tough sell" and some town officials have recommended to look elsewhere.

"They don't see where we fit in with their forest plan," Matt DeBernardo said of the Roosevelt Forest Commission (RFC). "They don't know how it'd change the dynamic of the forest."

Peter Mariconda is vice chairman of the RFC.

"My take is the commission is for it -- we just need more information," said the seven-year member of the commission. "This is something completely new."

He said there have been proposals to use the land in the past, but never something "that would require disturbing or breaking ground on the forest."

DeBernardo has said the dog park would operate on 1.5 to 2 acres of land, be enclosed by a fence and wood chips would cover the ground.

Meanwhile, a town official outside the RFC, who DeBernardo declined to name, said to come up with a list of 12 other locations where the dog park could exist.

And he's mulling the options. "They're not as serene or large as Roosevelt Forest [but] they're away from main roads and known by the community."

DeBernardo said. "We just need the town to find a place for us," he added.

Note: RFC Chairman Robert David did not return a call for comment last week.
George E. Mulligan July 01, 2012 at 04:28 AM
I prefer dogs to cats, or any other pet. However I prefer to own neither. Other people can do as they choose. I generally support a dog park as likely harmless & likely good. Mr. Pedoto & I must agree to disagree on his post. He is entitled to his opinion/perspective & I'm entitled to mine. I respect that he puts out his name with his position & is passionate. Further, he has some activities which try to help others. Nice. Our posts crossed, which I hadn't seen. Mr. Pedoto: There are multiple series of deaths & accidents. They've been reported to police & every town council since 1998. Police/Prosecutors/Judges at all levels of government are appointed, promoted, & hired by political people. Some things don't get investigated, like POLICE UNION GRIEVANCE DOCUMENTING it was impossible for a CERTAIN POLICE CAPTAIN to have worked hours claimed. 2 years GROSSED over $ 400,000 Base Salary: $ 84,850, Annual Pension: $ 134,050 x 30 years= $4 million Contributed $ 140,000 NET minus $ 44,000 CASH OUT, =$ 95,000 contributed in 27 years -- I was hospitalized in September. I believe I was poisoned, fell, & got an leg infection a couple days later. In the hospital I described symptoms I experience then & the prior December, which matched arsenic poisoning. I learned: "If anyone is poisoned & blood or urine aren't tested within 24 hours, it doesn't show up in TESTS. I asked There are more discreet toxins, pathogens, & triggers!
Joseph Pedoto July 01, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Dear George, You may be right about the town’s pension issues, I simply do not know the truth of the matter. Having lived in NYC for 25 years I know that abuses of union contract pensions were a frequent news topic. However, in the majority of cases the way the contracts were written it was permissible for employees to work extra shifts and over-time in their last years prior to retirement in order to boost their pensions. It was a flaw in the system, but perfectly legal. I choose not to believe that the world is secretly run by a hidden cabal. Human beings are lousy at keeping secrets. For your viewpoint to be true it would require the coordination of hundreds of thousands of people working in perfect sync over many decades. You yourself once wrote that in your family this conspiracy went back to letters from your father dating from WWII. A very wise man once told me, “Anything is possible, but is it likely?” Regardless, I am happy to have your support for an off-leash dog park in Stratford. It would be, as Raymond Carver so beautifully wrote, “a small, good thing” for our town.
George E. Mulligan July 02, 2012 at 02:24 AM
Mr. Pedoto, For what it's worth, I've always supported the dog park as presented, evening giving the young couple some direction at their first town council meeting. My phone # & address are published. I'm available to be contacted, instead of internet or newspaper. I've limited mobility. I work weekdays. I'd be willing to meet in a public place. You can go to stratfordcharter.wordpress.com/ where I'm relentlessly mocked. I counter PERSONAL INSULTS whereas I try to post PUBLIC ISSUES. - There are certain things simply not appropriate for blog or newspapers. They will not be discussed, nor will I post rebuttals ad nauseum to those who have vested interest to discredit me. Are conmen or thieves going to announce his/her intentions? If slippery slopes of wrong doing gradually go out of control ... unintended consequences ..... Book: "Rockefeller syndrome" Police/Attorneys/Judges at each court house know everything illegal going on in their geographic area. Mr. Pedoto, it's a world of specialist, who lack big picture generalists' or gestaltist ability to see beyond turf, purview or interest. O.peration Overlord ceased Colonial Empires S.ecrecy=Indoctrinated. S.teganography/Cryptograpy =Language Governments=Compartmentalized. Minions=Cruel Belief structures, general myopia, & too busy, exist keeping many people from stepping back to see what's "hiding in plain sight." Google: Invisible gorilla experiment. Bless
Danny Cook February 20, 2013 at 06:07 AM
How large is Pirhala farm land and is it being use for anything.
Danny Cook February 20, 2013 at 06:14 AM
I agree. Harkins should unlock his office door and let the public in.


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