State Police Vote 'No Confidence' in Leadership's Decisions

State Troopers in Connecticut say that working conditions are less safe since a consolidation plan of dispatch centers was put into place.

Cost-cutting decisions led the Connecticut State Police union members to vote "no confidence" in the leadership. State Police allege that safety has been compromised due to the April consolidation of dispatch centers.

According to an Associated Press story published in CBS New York, it's uncertain what effect the vote will have, as it's mostly a "symbolic action."

In May, some state legislators expressed , which moved Troop A in Southbury and Troop B in North Canaan to Litchfield's Troop L. The legislators say that they've heard about many 911 calls being dropped.

State Police say there was an incident where a consolidated dispatcher failed at sending backup to a trooper on scene of a fight. vote.  


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