Senate Candidates Spin Poll Results

News and updates on Connecticut's Senate and Third District races.


The latest Quinnipiac Poll showed Chris Murphy (D) with a 49-43 lead over Linda McMahon (R). Both sides offered their side of the story after the results were released on Wednesday.

Corry Bliss, campaign manager for McMahon, said that Ramussen and Mason-Dixon polling firms found the race to be a dead heat.

“If it weren’t so close, Congressman Murphy might not be lying to the people of Connecticut about his record of voting for higher taxes for the middle class, voting against funding to build submarines in Groton,” Bliss said.

Murphy’s campaign fired off a similar missive to the press.

“After losing four debates and seeing the momentum shift strongly toward Chris, Linda McMahon is now relying completely on stale, desperate, and dishonest political attacks to distract voters from her extreme right-wing positions,” said spokesman Ben Marter. 

3rd District

Rosa DeLauro (D) received the endorsement of the Hartford Courant. According to the editorial, “Republican control of the House the past two years has put a crimp in her style. Still, she's good at playing defense.”

Wayne Winsley (R):  A blog post on the candidate’s website discusses the campaign so far. “My message of moving people from food stamps to full time employment and helping businesses small and large to grow and create jobs for more of our neighbors is resonating and We the People are responding,” Winsley wrote.

Chris October 27, 2012 at 09:59 PM
I have to wonder if maybe MAC is right about Rosa's use of campaign money. Thursday I read on CT Mirror that Winsley has spend around $50,000 on his campaign, and DeLauro's campaign claims to have spend over $650,000 running against him. 2/3rds of a million dollars?!? What has she spent that money on???? I've seen a few yard signs, and an ad on patch.com, and that's it. Last election, when Jerry Labriola ran against her, he spent under $200,000 and he was running all sorts of TV and radio ads. I've seen none of that for Rosa. If really all she got for $650k was some yard signs, mailers, and internet ads, she's as wasteful with her campaign dollars as she is with our tax dollars. Someone in the media should REALLY investigate where all that money went (my bet is most of it ended up going to GQR Research), but that will never happen.
Rose B October 28, 2012 at 05:28 AM
I'm sure Mr. Winsley is a very nice man, but the LAST thing we need in Congress is another Republican to continue to obstruct and keep this country from moving forward. There is no doubt that while the election will be close, the President will win four more years. When he does, you can BET that the Republicans who aren't tossed out on their deserving, partisan keisters will continue to do nothing in Congress but make matters worse than they already have. It's what they only seem able to do. Mr. Winsley will be just one more Republican walking in lockstep with the rest of them, because that's all they are capable of being anymore: extremist and dividing. Keeping Rosa right where she is - that's the way to go in this divisive climate. She has stayed above the fray and will continue to do so on our behalf, unlike Republicans in Congress who have done nothing except pander to the far right extremist.
MAC October 28, 2012 at 06:19 AM
Wayne Winsley's Sunday morning speeches/candidate forums: 8:30 a.m. at White Oak Baptist Church, 5344 Main St. Stratford 9 - 11 a.m. at Congregation Mishkan Israel, at 785 Ridge Rd. in Hamden, Wayne will be participating in a Candidate Forum. DeLauro will be there, after snubbing voters in West Haven on Thurs. night at City Hall, choosing to campaign for Elizabeth Warren in MA yesterday. ******** p.s. to Rose--you are wrong about Rosa and Obama, and Republicans. Obama is taking us "forward" over a fiscal cliff! His foreign policy is disastrous also in the ME. You obviously read/watch only the mainstream media, which is aiding Obama's coverup over Benghazi, or you would know of his incompetence and traitorous actions. Obama callously SACRIFICED the lives of Amb. Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans, when the president's most essential function is to keep Americans safe!! He then lied about the terrorist assassins for 2 weeks, trying to hide his international failures, and referring to these slaughters as "bumps in the road" and "less than optimum" results. Unfeeling, Shameful and reprehensible!! Obama's cold coverup over his neglect and incompetence to PROTECT in Benghazi won't work! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/reporter-obama-would-not-answer-repeated-questions-on-whether-requests- New Explosive Benghazi Allegations: CIA Operators Told to ‘Stand Down’ During Attack As 3 Urgent Requests for Military Back-Up Were Denied
Rose B October 28, 2012 at 01:25 PM
The "fiscal cliff" MAC is referring to, is one that the Congressional Republicans with aid from the Republicans in the Senate insisted upon. Instead of passing the debt ceiling increase (otherwise known as PAYING OUR BILLS) - as they did throughout the Bush administration - the Repubs played a game of brinksmanship and themselves put defense cuts on the table while forcing Dems to put domestic cuts out there. The craziness that resulted from our Republican Party did not have to happen, friends. They brought us here in 2008 to the nosedive we were on in the economy, and they again have put us here in 2012 to the so-called "fiscal cliff" of their own making. Don't be fooled. Vote out the obstructionists and elect people who are working towards getting us out of the hole Republicans got us into.
MAC October 28, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Rose, you are willfully BLIND to the simple fact of the 16 TRILLIONS of $$$ of DEBT the congresses (yes, both parties) have gotten us into--the last 6 TRILLION of that under Obama, with 2 yrs. of total control by the DEMS!! I was referring to that simple fact that there IS NO MORE MONEY coming in to PAY for this incompetence by the big spenders!! Are you at all aware of simple facts such as that these NO BUDGET DEMS (for 4 yrs. now) are simply borrowing from China, and Printing money, which is causing huge devaluation of our $$ and causing rampant inflation?!! You must not care, because perhaps you are one of the TAKERS rather than a MAKER, or you are a public sector union member, or even a congressional staffer? I guess you also close your eyes to the road we are on, which is the same one, eventually (sooner than later if Obama is re-elected!) of Greece and Spain, Italy, and the other FAILED European Nanny states! Have you not seen the riots and rampant destruction in Greece over having their cushy socialist perks taken away because there is NO MORE MONEY?!! Rosa DeLauro has voted for ALL of the deficit spending, and is also a member of the Democratic Socialists in congress--some 70 or 80 of them. But maybe her good friend, Joelle Fishman, head of the Communist Party in CT is also your friend. The "hole" we are in is one of DEFICIT spending, Rose, NOT failing to raise the debt limit! Wake up! You are the one deceiving people.


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