Report: 43,000 in CT Could Lose Unemployment Benefits

If Congress goes over the fiscal cliff, Connecticut would not receive any more unemployment benefits from the federal government.

About 43,000 people in Connecticut who receive unemployment benefits from the federal government are in danger of losing them if Congress goes over the fiscal cliff.

If Congress does not reauthorize the program, those who receive the federal unemployment benefits -- those on top of what the state gives -- could lose them by Saturday, Dec. 29, according to a report by Connecticut News Junkie.

Connecticut gives six months of unemployment insurance, and the federal government kicks in money to fund an emergency extension of benefits when the economy is experiencing times of slow job growth, News Junkie reports. It would cost $30 billion to keep the program going.

The loss of federal money could affect thousands of people right here in Stratford. There were , according to statistics provided by the state Department of Labor. That equates to a 9 percent unemployment rate for the town.

The unemployment benefit loss is one of the major ways in which Connecticut would be affected if Congress goes over the fiscal cliff. President Obama is currently working with members of Congress in an attempt to find a solution.

Read the complete CT News Junkie article.

RMK December 28, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Thanks, Republican-controlled House. Thanks for being a). too stupid to legislate properly, and b). so ideologically driven that you will take the entire country off the so-called cliff in order to save the wealthiest a few percentage points in taxes. Frankly, anyone who votes Republican and supports the Republican agenda should dig a hole and bury themselves up to their necks so that you can stop doing harm. Also, it will illustrate just precisely how little the rest of us value your political contribution to society.
Lucy Conti January 07, 2013 at 10:57 PM
CT has had a job freeze since Hurricane Sandy. There is no job movement. Ct doesn't care about the unemployed in their state.


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