Quotes of the Week, Jan. 23 - 27

A weekly review that puts the spotlight on who's saying what in Stratford.

"Everything happened at once apparently overexerted him."

Speaker: Stratford Fire Marshal Brian Lampart

Background: in his home. The man, later identified as 51-year-old George Kalina, went into cardiac arrest after stomping out the flames. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Lampart said it's "very possible" the commotion of the fire could have triggered the cardiac arrest.


"This budget allows us to maintain status quo."

Speaker: Schools Superintendent Irene Cornish

Background: At a school board meeting this week, . The preliminary budget is a .41 percent increase from the current one and comes in at $93,780,529. Cornish said no schools would have to close next year under her plan.


"Only the traffic authority of the town has the right to allow or not allow golf carts."

Speaker: Councilman Craig Budnick

Background: If golf carts are ever going to be permitted on town roads with posted speed limits of 25 mph or less, . Budnick, speaking at an ordinance committee meeting this week, said ordinance, per state statute, does not have the permission to act on the proposal.


"I'm not going to be a rat leaving a sinking ship."

Speaker: State Rep. Terry Backer

Background: The state rep announced recently his plans to , a seat he's held for the last 19 years. Backer was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2010 and is now on chemotherapy. He told Patch Friday it's important to continue to fight and speak for his constituents.


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