Primary to Settle U.S. Senate Bid Between Murphy, Bysiewicz

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy received 76 percent of the delegate vote in Connecticut but his challenger, Susan Bysiewicz, still qualified for a primary to be held in August to settle the party nomination.

Conditions are favorable for to win the Democratic nomination for a U.S. Senate seat.

Though challenger Susan Bysiewicz won the delegate vote in Stratford, 18-6, Murphy received 76 percent of the statewide delgate vote at the Democratic State Convention on Saturday, according to CT News Junkie.

Despite the statewide 3-to-1 vote margin, the vote total for Bysiewicz, the former Secretary of State, is enough to force a primary to be held in August between the two well-known politicians, the article noted.

Total vote numbers show Murphy got 1,378 of the delegate votes and Bysiewicz's total was 444. New Haven, one of the largest delegations, gave 73 of its votes to Murphy and 10 to Bysiewicz.

"I think we'd be better off as a party without a primary," Murphy told the News Junkie. He mentioned Republican challenger Linda McMahon already is running television ads for her campaign. She spent $50 million in her failed Senate bid against Richard Blumenthal two years ago. Reports show she has spent $4 million in this election year.

The Republican Party Convention will be held Friday at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.


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