Where Do Milford Candidates Stand on Abortion?

At Tuesday night's debate, candidates attempted to clarify their stance on a number of issues leading up to the November 6th election.


(Click the video to watch a section from the debate. Patch will add video for more questions throughout the week.)

In a Tuesday night debate at Milford City Hall, the candidates for Connecticut's 117th, 118th and 119th District State Representative seats, as well as the 14th District State Senate seat, discussed a wide variety of issues including education, government spending and job creation in Milford. 

'Anti-Abortion or Pro-Abortion?'

Milford Patch user Life's a Beach submitted this question for the debate:

"Are you anti-abortion or pro-abortion and would you make any changes to Connecticut's abortion law?"

Jean Rabinow of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut moderated the debate. Each candidate was given two-minutes to respond to each question.

Paul Davis and State Senator Gayle Slossberg, of the 117th and 14th Districts, respectively, each said that they are "Pro-choice" and that they would not make any changes to Connecticut's law.

Republican candidate for the 14th District State Senate seat Mike DeGrego did not mention the word 'abortion' or the terms 'pro-life' or 'pro-choice' in his response, saying,

It doesn't really matter what I think, it's what the 14th wants. That's why I'm taking this job. Because people have come up to me and said, 'Mike, no one's listening to us.'

DeGrego went on to say, "Whatever the people of the 14th want, those are my wishes."

Democratic 118th State Rep. Kim Rose and 119th Democratic State Rep. Candidate James Maroney each said that they were pro-choice.

Republican 118th State Rep. Candidate Michael Casey and 119th Republican State Rep. Candidate Pam Staneski each said that they were Pro-Life, but did not wish to change Connecticut's abortion laws.

Casey said that his Pro-Life position was not a stance that he was "going to push," adding that it was "not the reason I'm running for office."

Staneski said, "I'm Pro-Life, but I would support whatever laws are on the books."

(See the videoabove for candidates' full responses to questions on this issue).

An Overview of the Debate

The Milford Patch Candidate Debate ran for about an hour and forty minutes, and League of Women Voters members assisted in timekeeping and organization. Patch sponsored and hosted the debate.

Over the next few days, Patch will feature the candidates' answers on a variety of questions including State spending, job creation and school funding in Milford. Stay tuned!


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It's murder Michael.
Jiimini October 28, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Thank God I have found someone with a heart for their fellow human beings George. Thank you George
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Debate any issues related to jobs or the economy?


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