McMahon, Murphy Spin Senate Debate Into Victories

News and updates on Connecticut's Senate and Third District races.


Who won the second debate between Linda McMahon (R) and Chris Murphy (D)? It depends who you believe.

As soon as the Oct. 11 debate ended, both campaigns talked up their candidates.

Murphy’s campaign boldly claimed that he is now an undefeated 2-0 in the debates.

“Tonight, Chris Murphy proved once again that he is the only candidate in this race focused on creating jobs for the middle class, fighting for women’s rights, and protecting seniors’ benefits,” said Murphy campaign spokesperson Ben Marter in a written statement. 

McMahon’s campaign analyzed the debate and said that Murphy spent 13 minutes and 24 seconds “attacking” McMahon, and only 4 minutes and 15 seconds “discussing the issues.”

“It seems there is no limit to Congressman Murphy’s hypocrisy,” said campaign manager Corry Bliss in a written statement. “Only a career politician like Chris Murphy would try to spin his opponent as a negative campaigner while spending over 75 percent of last night's debate on personal attacks.”

Both candidates debate for a third time on Monday, Oct. 15, at 7 p.m. in New London.

3rd District

The New Haven Independent takes a close look at the foreign policy stances of Rosa DeLauro (D) and Wayne Winsley (R), even though these issues have taken a backseat on the campaign trail to the economy. Some similarities – such as support of Israel – can be seen in the candidates. Their views on Afghanistan appear much different.

Hansa Junchun October 16, 2012 at 12:36 PM
We need to throw Rosa DeLauro out NOW. Foreign policy is a meaningless discussion except when it comes to blaming Rosa for the Syrian civil war which began when she starved the Middle East by diverting our corn production toward ethanol. Rosa's blind loyalty to giant agro-corporations have led to civil war and the deaths of tens of thousands from Libya to Syria to Bahrain. For this, she need to be out.


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