John McCain Campaigns for McMahon

News and updates on Connecticut's Senate and Third District races.


U.S. Sen. John McCain joined Linda McMahon (R) on the campaign trail in Connecticut on Monday, with planned stops at the Disabled American Veterans Hall in Danbury and a meeting of McMahon supports at the Norwalk Inn.

"This election rests on the veterans," McCain told veterans, reports Danbury Patch. "Turn out the vote. I want each of you to call 50 people. Even call your mother-in-law. This is a call to action." 

Chris Murphy (D) criticized the company opponent Linda McMahon keeps. The Murphy campaign says McCain “led the charge” on a plan that “nearly cost the state its submarine base and tens of thousands of Connecticut jobs.”

“Whether it’s Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or John McCain, Linda McMahon just can’t hide her close ties to the national Republicans that she hopes to join in Washington,” said Ben Marter, a spokesperson for Murphy. “McMahon has already publicly toyed with the idea of closing Connecticut’s sub base, but cozying up to the man who almost single-handedly destroyed southeastern Connecticut’s economy is beyond the pale.”

3rd District

Rosa DeLauro (D): The fundraising deadline for the quarter was Sept. 30, and DeLauro was among the many candidates throughout the state asking supporters for donation via email.

Are we going to attempt again to build our economy from the top-down by giving more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, or are we going to grow our economy from the bottom-up by creating jobs, investing in education and health care?” DeLauro said in the email.

Wayne Winsley (R): Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan was in Connecticut for some fundraising events. A photo on Winsley’s Facebook page shows the two candidates posing together.

RMK October 02, 2012 at 05:54 PM
McCain won't help McMahon's cause - he voted in favor of throwing the GOP's prized defense funding under the bus instead of raising taxes for himself and his wealthiest buddies. And the laughable thing here is that he's out covering the countryside whining about how it was Obama's fault. Obama made McCain choose defense cuts in the sequestration debacle over tax increases to Clinton-era rates!! Another funny fact: McCain and his fellow do-nothing GOP obstructionists didn't HAVE to go down that sequestration path in the first place. All they need do was compromise and work across the aisle and pass the debt ceiling, as they have every year since Bush started massively moving the deficit count in the wrong direction so that we could pay our bills......but, NOOooooooo, McCain and his 'country first' buddies chose to throw the 'country FIRST' down that hellhole of credit downgrades and keeping us stuck in an unemployment quagmire of their own party's creation. Did I mention that the Republicans in Congress killed a jobs bill last year at this time that economists touted as a means to create nearly 2 millions jobs between then and now? Did I also mention that the Republicans in Congress just killed a jobs bill for our combat vets that would have created new jobs for those who have sacrificed the most? Imagine that ----- the Party that claims to be the most patriotic turns out to be the Party of Partisan stunts at the expense of the country's best interests.
Roberta Shea October 06, 2012 at 12:22 AM
McCain., didn't HE,,..lose?


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