Gas Stations: Government Could Shut Us Down

Owners in Connecticut say a new law hurts small businesses the most.

The price of gas may be , but some small gas station owners in Connecticut say the price of business could skyrocket.

According to the Connecticut Post, owners say a couple factors are about to make doing business nearly impossible.

The first is a new state law that shifts from a publicly-funded cleanup fund to placing the burden on the gas stations themselves to remediate gas leaks.

"In these difficult financial times state government can no longer afford to pay millions of dollars a year -- much of it to multinational corporations -- for the cleanup of fuel discharges at private businesses," Daniel Etsy, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said in a March statement.

With remediation funding now out of the government's hands, business owners also say that getting insurance will be difficult since one of the major providers is no longer offering its services. 

Theresa June 27, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Here's a crying towel for all the gas stations that charge $2.00 for a SlimJim, make you wait for gas while some guy buys a years supply of lottery quick picks, jack up the price of gas because they have a deal with Stop & Shop for 20 cents off a gallon, and haven't a clue where Main Street is. Whaaaa. It could be worse for them, they could be doing what they did before the 70s and actually wash your windows and check your oil. Where else can you be charged more and you have to do it yourself?


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