Results Stick, Santi Wins

A mandatory recount for the 4th District Democratic primary Monday affirmed that incumbent and party-endorsed candidate Jason Santi beat challenger Michael Singh, 101 to 98.

Updated 10 a.m. Sept. 20

The 3-vote edge Santi was believed to have after last week's Democratic primary over challenger Michael Singh was affirmed Monday, as the mandatory recanvass of the results from the Sept. 13 primary for the 4th District Town Council seat matched the initial vote count.

The recount began at Town Hall Monday at 10 a.m.

"After a thorough examination of every ballot and a complete recount of every legitimate ballot, the results from the primary were upheld and the exact final vote count was verified and forwarded to the Secretary of the State's office," said Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rick Marcone via email.

Here's the original party primary article:

The Republican electorate, voting in Tuesday's party primaries, overwhelmingly chose the endorsed candidates to represent them in the Fall election for Town Council.

For the 5th District seat, incumbent John Dempsey trounced challenger Linda Palermo, 76 to 11.

For the 7th District nomination, endorsed-candidate Craig Budnick beat challenger Diane Buda by a comfortable tally of 107 to 45.

"Overall, it was a 22 percent turnout which was higher than the state average," Republican Town Committee Chairman Lou DeCilio said in an email.


A recount is warranted for Tuesday's Democratic party primary because incumbent 4th District Councilman Jason Santi beat challenger Michael Singh by the narrow margin of three votes, 101 to 98.

A recount is necessary when the margin is less than 20 votes, according to the office of the registrar of voters in the town of Stratford. The recount must be carried out within five days of the election.

"It was surprising," Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rick Marcone said of Santi's small margin of victory. "I think Jason would have earned [his district's] votes but Singh got his people out to vote."

Marcone said he hasn't officially notified the candidates that a recount is in order for the 4th District party primary -- which had a voter turnout of 16 percent -- but plans to soon. 

"I give credit to both candidates for working hard," he said.

Updated Sept. 19:

The official recanvass of results from Tuesday's Democratic primary for the 4th District Town Council seat will be held today at Town Hall Council Chambers beginning at 10 a.m.

Stratford Patch will provide updates as they are made available.


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