Stratford Police Blotter

Stratford police reported the following incidents and arrests for the period Feb. 4 through Feb. 8 including bust for selling crack cocaine.

On Feb. 4, Officer Policano was on patrol on Stratford Avenue when he observed a Nissan Maxima without a front plate. The operator, Brandi Gray, 34, of Bridgeport, reportedly had a lengthy history of numerous motor vehicle violations and had her current license suspended. She was charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle while under suspension, suspended registration and failure to carry an insurance card. The car was towed and Gray was released on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 15.

On Feb. 5, police stopped a white Infinity on Main Street that showed a suspended registration. Katty Delicein, 30, was charged with unnecessary noise, suspended registration, operating without a license and no insurance. She was released on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 15. 

On Feb. 6, police were called to the ShopRite on Barnum Avenue Cutoff for a detained female allegedly caught shoplifting. Officer Iannucci was met by a loss prevention officer at Shop Rite who had observed Carlene Booker, 31, of Bridgeport allegedly select and conceal large amounts of Icy-Hot, Bengay and toothbrushes in a shopping bag and personal bag. Booker was stopped outside the store by security, who called police. After a brief struggle with Booker, who resisted coming back into the store, police arrived and charged Booker with third degree robbery and sixth degree larceny. The value of the items taken was $121.30. In addition, Booker had given store security and police a false name and was further charged with interfering with police and criminal impersonation with bond set at $2,500 after police discovered there were six active warrants outstanding against her. 

On Feb. 6, Officer Policano was on patrol on Bruce Avenue when he observed a red Honda Civic with a license plate registered to whit Civic. The driver, Norma Vasquez, 35, of Jackson Avenue, told police that the plate was from her other vehicle and admitted that the vehicle she was driving was unregistered. A background check revealed several pending motor vehicle cases. She was charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating a vehicle with a suspended registration, failure to display plates and no insurance. She was related on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 15. 

On Feb. 6, Officer Policano was dispatched to the Birdseye boat ramp for a roaming dog, possibly injured. A tan colored dog with a red bandana was being held by several people at the boat ramp who were concerned it would be hit by a car. The dog was not injured, police said, but had a small growth on the back of its neck. It was not in distress and was friendly, but had no ID tags. Police did not have any outstanding reports of a missing dog and no animal control officer was on duty. The dog was placed in the locked dog pen in the rear of the police department. The ACO would be notified. 

On Feb. 7, Officer Policano was on patrol on Barnum Avenue cutoff when he observed a Ford Explorer that showed expired plates. The operator, Brandan Jordan, 26, of Bridgeport, was charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle and failure to carry insurance and release on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 18. While on the stop, police asked the two passengers in the car for ID, and it was discovered that one, Terrell Staton of Bridgeport had a warrant outstanding for failure to appear in court. Staton was taken to police headquarters where he was charged with failure to appear and given a new court date of Feb. 15. 

On Feb. 8, Detective/DEA task force agent Jennings reported that member of the Bridgeport DEA were conducting an investigation in Stratford for a person known to have sold “significant quantities” of crack cocaine in Stratford. Police reported that Timolyn Dunbar was located in Stratford during the investigation in the area of Honeyspot Road at Mt. Carmel. An active warrant was on file for her arrest for allegedly selling crack cocaine to an undercover officer. Police had set up a purchase of $150 of loose crack from Dunbar at 2:30 p.m. at this location. Stratford police officer Goode and his K-9 were assigned to assist along with Officer Jennifer Murolo. Dunbar was stopped and positively ID’d. Agents had established surveillance in the area and observed Dunbar arriving at the meet location to conduct the transaction. As Dunbar entered the undercover vehicle, she was arrested for the outstanding warrant and was found to be in possession of a bag containing suspected crack cocaine. A field test confirmed the substance. She was placed under arrest and charged with selling crack cocaine and selling crack cocaine within 1500 feet of a housing project. Bond was set at $50,000 for the arrest and $150,000 for the court warrant and court was scheduled for Feb. 17. Dunbar was placed in the Stratford PD lockup. 

On Feb. 8, Officer Savic was on patrol on Barnum Avenue when he observed a black Altima bearing plates belonging to another vehicle. The operator, Galo Vera, 52, of Bridgeport, was charged with failure to display front plates, operating without a license, misuse of plates and failure to carry a valid insurance card. He was released on a promise to appear in court on Feb. 22.


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