Fire In House Leads to Pot Discovery

Firemen and police officers responding to emergency fire call find small amount of marijuana in basement.

On Monday May 16, police had responded to Canaan Road to assist the fire department on a structural fire call.

While battling the fire that was limited mostly to the basement area, Fire Chief Brian Lampart found what he believed to be contraband in the basement bedroom in plain view and notified police, including the K-9 officer.

Upon responding to the basement area, police observed a box in plain view that contained one large bag of a green leafy substance along with two smaller bags containing the same kind of green leafy substance that police believed to be marijuana.

Along with the three bags, which appeared to be about one ounce, police said, there was also a rolled up "blunt" that had not yet been smoked. Police tested the substance, which confirmed it was marijuana.

Next to the box in the basement was a wallet with CT driver’s license identifying Emmanuel Agyeman, 26, of Canaan Road as the resident of the basement room where the marijuana was found. Police then went outside where Agyeman was standing during the fire call and confirmed that he did live in the basement.

When asked if the box containing the substance was his, Agyeman first said he had a lot of friends over and it could have been one of theirs. However, after speaking with him further, he admitted to police that the marijuana belonged to him and that his father did not know that he had it in the house.

Agyeman was charged with possession of less than four ounces of marijuana and released on a promise to appear in court on May 31. The marijuana was taken to headquarters where it was weighed (.87 ounces), packaged and placed in the drug locker.

CDHPotter May 17, 2011 at 04:08 PM
The police need to find better things to do. The guy already has a house fire, now you're taking his herb. I hope all the alcohol got cleaned out of the house too since that is the worse drug.


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