Cops: Man Charged in Gas Station Holdup Has Terrorist Ties

The following arrest information was supplied by the Stratford Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Police say the man charged with the attempted robbery and carjacking at a Stratford gas station on Jan. 11 was found to have on his person the ID of a known terrorist.

Raymond Selvyn, 32, of New Haven, was apprehended by Stratford police at the at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11, police said.

Police said they found on Selvyn the ID of a man named Issifou Amadou, who was revealed by an identity check to be "linked to a terrorist watch list" and "may be of interest to Homeland Security."

Selyvn reportedly told police that he was friends with Amadou and that he was with him last night at the Honeyspot Motor Lodge.

The first officers on the scene responded from an unrelated motor vehicle stop at the nearby Ramada Inn. When they arrived, Selvyn reportedly was in the driver's seat of a car at the pumps. Police said when he exited the vehicle they saw he had a mask on.

Selvyn was walking toward the store when an officer reportedly told him to stop moving. Police said it appeared he had something in his hands. Selvyn took a few more steps toward the store and then broke into a full sprint at the officer who told him to stop, police said.

An officer reportedly drew his gun and told Selvyn to stop or he would shoot. At that point the suspect stopped and dropped to the pavement, throwing his mask and a set of keys to the side, police said. The New Haven man was then apprehended. Police said he was not found to have any weapons on him.

A witness told police she was inside the Shell store when Selvyn came in wearing a mask and said this is a holdup and demanded money from the clerk. The witness said she thought it was a joke. She told police Selvyn then left the store.

When the witness left the store herself and entered her car parked at the pumps, she said Selvyn came running back to the station and forced entry into the passenger's side of her vehicle. The witness told police she threw her keys at Selvyn afraid that the man was going to make her drive him somewhere. It was at that point when police said they arrived.

Selvyn was charged with first-degree attempt to commit robbery, robbery by carjacking and second-degree breach of peace. He is being held on $150,000 bond and is due in court Feb. 14, according to the state's judicial site.

Dom DeCicco February 02, 2012 at 07:23 PM
I guess they were so busy clipping moeny at JFK and searching old women before flights that they just missed this guy. The genius running around with the ID didn't though -- he knew where to find 'em. What a joke!


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