'Where the Republicans Spend Like Drunkin Democrats'

A round-up of what Patch account-holders are saying today.

Stratford: Taxes and Politics

"Stratford: where the Republicans spend like drunkin Democrats." has this to say in response to a comment from , on an the impending lame-duck session as a "unique opportunity" to deal with some of the country's most contentious issues, including Bush-era tax cuts.

Woodbury: Ziplines and Tubing

"I'm willing to work with Rod to have his land be used to make money. Is it too much to ask that he keep it out of my sight?" That's the question last night to the town's Zoning Board of Appeals as it weighed the merits of an application to permit a zipline at the Woodbury Ski Area.

Orange: Shaving to Support Cancer Research

"Bravo, Caroline! You are an inspiration to us all!" showered an Orange resident with this praise in response to her decision to .

Branford: Here Kitty, Kitty

"I have no clue, but that is so darn cute!" Was answer to a question that asks readers to .


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