What To Do with Another Week of Summer Vacation

Stratford moms share what they've been up to with their kids since the first day of school was pushed back to Sept. 6.

What are parents doing now that they have to care for their kids (at least during the day) a week longer than they had planned this summer?

Gail: I have to bring my daughter to work with me for part of the day.

Hope: Well since we have to make up a week that adds days to the end of the year and winter hasn't come yet.

Lori: I'm unemployed, so it works out well.

Traci: Daycare! 

Laura: My in-laws are on their way up to spend a couple of days with us. The house is clean and the two kids are up with excitement of their grandparent's arrival. They are coming with me to clothes shop for school. My in-laws will get to experience the joy of taking three kids under the age of 10 to the mall and shop. Now that is going to be fun, atleast to me.

Cathy: Spending more quality time with the kids, watching movies, taking walks, playing basketball. Trying to do all the things we were going to do and never got to.

Wendy: Took vacation days off, then business was closed due to storm, so got my vacation days back.

How are you handling your kids during their extra week of summer? Tell us in the comments section below.


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