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"She is the picture of the educator of tomorrow."

Speaker: State Education Commissioner Mark K. McQuillan

Background: This quote is actually a quote within a quote, as McQuillan was reading off the accolades given by supporters of Bunnell High School physics teacher Kristen Record, who was recently awarded Connecticut's 2011 Teacher of the Year.

Click here to read the story behind her win.

"It's simple arithmetic."

Speaker: Paul Nonnenmacher, director of public affairs for the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, which owns and operates Stratford's Garbage Museum.

Background: Nonnenmacher is referring to the amount of money it takes municipalities to dispose of a ton of garbage ($64) versus a ton of recyclables ($0) at the recycling plant that adjoins the Garbage Museum. The museum might have to close its doors soon, but Nonnenmacher is hoping that if towns and cities open up to the math of recycling, they will make a financial donation to the 16-year-old museum that would help keep it afloat.

Read more about the museum's financial troubles and how the town of Stratford is trying to help by clicking here.

"The more people fix up their property, the more it encourages other people."

Speaker: Dave Killeen, Stratford Town Manager

Background: For its 13th annual Beautification Awards, the town's Beautification Committee is seeking nominations for the most stunning residential, commercial and community properties in Stratford. This year's theme is curb appeal. The deadline to nominate is Friday, July 15.

Click here to see some of last year's winners and nominate a property for this year's competition.

"HTH has come in and given my elderly mother a reason to get out of bed."

Speaker: Sandy of Bridgeport

Background: HTH stands for HELPtouchHEAL, which is a non-profit organization based in Stratford that offers free services to cancer and postoperative patients. The agency was launched in early 2010 by Melanie Douglas Seawright, a cancer survivor herself.

Check out the full story to read about the personal roots behind HELPtouchHEAL.

"It's not necessarily the best solution."

Speaker: Acting Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour

Background: The Stratford Police Department - which is 10 officers below its budgeted number, according to Ridenhour - is accepting applications for a POSTC certified police officer. Ridenhour said while it's preferred to hire patrolmen that train through the town's police department, this approach will make for a faster hire.

Click here to read about some likely candidates for the job.

"We will be reaching out to several different entities."

Speaker: Once again, Paul Nonnenmacher, director of public affairs for the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, which owns and operates Stratford's Garbage Museum.

Background: Fundraising in the next 30 days will probably determine whether or not the Garbage Museum has to close its doors this summer due to financial shortcomings. After the museum's governing body tabled a motion Thursday to consider closing down the educational art museum, Nonnenmacher said the fundraising effort needs to gain momentum if the Garbage Museum is to stay out of the trash. 

Read more about the decision to hold off on a decision by clicking here.

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