Stratford Residents Rally to Help Elderly Neighbors

An uplifting story out of Hurricane Sandy.

A story of generosity and goodwill unfolded in Stratford last week as Hurricane Sandy left thousands in town without power.

On the second day of the storm, Tiffany Castillo said she went to check on two elderly neighbors living across the street from her on Hair Street.

"We found them...completely in darkness with no candles or flashlights," she would later write in a Facebook message to Stratford Patch.

Castillo, who had also lost power, said she lent her neighbors some candles and flashlights and began bringing over food on a daily basis. But days passed and the power had yet to be restored.

"It has been five days and we've thrown mostly everything out of our fridge and don't have much to offer anymore," she wrote in the message Friday morning. "I know that our house is almost the same temperature as outside, and of course we can live with that, but elderly people should not have to."

After receiving this message from Castillo, we posted it on our main Facebook page for our 1,000-plus followers to see. And the response was incredible. Within minutes of posting the message, residents, some who had never even heard of Hair Street, began offering meals, blankets, candles, clothing, and even medical care.

Some of the comments:

"I'd like to bring them some meals."

"I can bring food & have extra blankets I can give."

"I would drop off a hot meal at LEAST!!"

"Tiffany...I can do whatever is necessary. Please message me your number."

"Live right off Nichols Ave...will bring over some baked goods and candles!!"

"I am a nurse-besides the obvious food-blankets do they need any medical attention? Inbox me their or your house number Tiffany so i can help-do you need anything?"

"We'll be dropping off a handful of sweaters and some food."

No more than five hours after the message was posted Castillo was setting up a heater in her neighbor's home.

"I just wanted to say that all of you are amazing," Castillo wrote in the comments thread. Castillo wrote that she had met up with a couple residents and after setting up the heater in her neighbor's home, "brought [over] all of the food and oh my god they now have so much!"

"I really appreciate all of the help," she continued. "I came home again and there's more on the porch I'll be taking over to them. Hopefully power will be one soon and it'll be warm. Thank you guys so much I didn't expect so many people to be so giving."

As of Saturday afternoon, Castillo said her neighbors were still without power but are warm and grateful for the outpouring of support.


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