Quotes of the Week, Oct. 17 - Oct. 23

A weekly review posted every Sunday that puts the spotlight on who's saying what in Stratford.

“The primary purpose is parking.”

Speaker: Benjamin Proto, a Stratford attorney representing Cumberland Farms.

Background: Cumberland Farms will be expanding its lot on the corner of West Broad Street and Linden Avenue after the town’s zoning commission approved a site plan this week for expansion into an adjacent piece of property on Linden Avenue.

Proto said Stratford’s Cumberland Farms “is one of the busiest in the Northeast” and the proposed changes, which will happen in the spring, are aimed at alleviating congestion by adding parking and space to maneuver vehicles around the pumps.

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“I imagine the next Council elected in will address it straight on.”

Speaker: 6th District Councilman David Fuller

Background: There’s a petition for a dog park circulating around town, and the resident who started it plans to present it to the Town Council soon. Between an online petition and a written one, Carissa Mason has solicited more than 500 signatures in support of a dog park coming to Stratford.

Councilman Fuller is one of those supporters, Mason said. Fuller, who is running for reelection this year, said the next Council elected in will address the modest movement head-on, and Council activity could occur before the year’s end.

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“I’ve had some interesting adventures.”

Speaker: Town planner David Killeen

Background: At the end of the month, Killeen will leave his Stratford post for an administrative position for the town of Monroe. Over the last 25-plus years, Killeen has been an active force on the town’s planning commission.

This week he sat down with Patch and talked about future adventures and life post-Stratford. One of those adventures includes a marathon that follows the Great Wall of China.

to read the full story, including how, even after Oct. 31, he’ll still be tying up some loose ends in Stratford.


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