Kelly Votes to Ban Discriminatory Employment Ads

Stratford's state senator said ads saying the unemployed need not apply remind him of ads that said the Irish need not apply.

With , a state legislator representing drew an ethnic connection during a recent discussion in Hartford concerning employment ads that discriminate against the unemployed.

According to the Hartford Courant, state Sen. Kevin Kelly, R-Stratford, who at town hall this year, noted that job ads that say that people not currently employed should not apply reminded him of ads his grandparents told him about that said the Irish need not apply.

The Senate on Tuesday voted 30-5 to ban ads that discriminate against the unemployed. New York, New Jersey and other states have already passed similar laws.

George E. Mulligan May 04, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Is this the same Esq. Kevin Kelly who revised the Stratford Republican Town Committee charter to lower the number of people needed to be RTC quorum, thus creating an effectual inner party? Is this the same Esq. Kevin Kelly who sheppharded the Charter Revision Commission, creating the flawed Mayoral form or government and whose work laid foundation for eliminating the PUBLIC INITIATIVE right to create PETITIONS to be on REFERENDUMS, worded by Citizens? Is this the same Esq Kevin Kelly who violated the 2 % CAP by allowing the Town Attorney fees to go from $ 60 per hour to $ 125 & now $ 350 hour? Is this the same Esq Kevin Kelly who was paid over $ 600,000 from Mayor Miron and ran against Esq, Miron for State rep? Is this the same Esq Kevin Kelly who worked for Lordship against the 600 condos on Lordhip Boulevard and lost the 1 ACRE of CONTAMINATED LAND across from the RUNWAY to BRIDGEPORT. - Asbestos from the crash strip could cause dangerous situation to the residents Paid perhaps $ 1,000,000 to fight Avallon Bay development, until he and partners might become ATTORNEYS for AVALLON BAY Condos Attorney for Contract Plating developer, who laid low until they're ready for Economic Development Attorney for overseeing Defined Benefit Pensions passing $ 19,000,000 annual obligations and they were about $ 2,000,000 annually 1980s 1980s - 1990s Attorney fees were $ 120,000 - $ 150,000 range. 2011 Attorney fees $ 1,800,000 COMBINING Departments


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