Drama Troupe Plans Performance at Shakespeare Theater

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival plans to perform 'Romeo and Juliet' for the town's high school students.

’s venerable Shakespeare Theater, the play might be the thing again when a professional acting company performs "Romeo and Juliet" there for the town’s high school students.

The Connecticut Post reported that the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival troupe plans to perform the classic play about star-crossed lovers at the historic theater on May 17 for students from Stratford High School and Bunnell High School.

If all goes as planned, it would be the first performance in over 25 years at the theater, which has seen Shakespearean drama by renown film and stage actors.

max April 09, 2012 at 11:12 AM
To be or not to be....its good to read the theater is hosting a program for high school students. Question, who is paying for the performance, getting the theater to code (are there seats?) and mold issues? Is the answer the increased taxes Stratford property owners are going to be paying? if so then I say "not to be".
KKD April 12, 2012 at 01:42 PM
So wonderful to witness the beginning of the theatre's rebirth . I went to see for myself what progress has been made in cleaning up and getting the theatre "performance ready", and, due to the obviously passionate efforts of various volunteers (including out of town people who believe and support the theatre more than some Stratford residents...) there has been remarkable progress in working towards getting her shipshape. The Stratford Fire Marshall gave the green light for people to be in the building. The mold issue has been remedied by efforts that include removing seats that had water damage (the new roof prevents any further water damage), opening up the building on a regular basis to "air out" the place, and the cleaning efforts by the volunteers. After all, the mayor ok'd access to the thousands of attendees of the festival performances last summer. As for the student performances - they are fieldtrips. The money is already allocated for this integral part of any academic experience. There will be bleachers and chairs set up for seating - the bleachers (actually purchased for Stratford's ballfields and parks to replace old and broken down units) are temporary to the theatre and will be delivered to their permanant locations after their use at the theatre. THIS INFORMATION IS ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE - VISIT THE THEATRE, WHICH IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVERY SATURDAY. I FOUND THE VOLUNTEERS ARE HAPPY TO DISCUSS THE SLOW BUT INCREASINGLY SUCCESSFUL REVIVAL EFFORTS.


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