Donations Pour in for Bullied NY Bus Monitor

Three days after unsettling footage of an elderly bus monitor being bullied was posted on YouTube, donations to send the 68-year-old widow on 'a vacation of a lifetime' are nearing $500,000.

A YouTube video showing a group of New York middle schoolers taunt an elderly bus monitor was nearing 4,000,000 views three days after it was posted on June 19.

The kids in the video use harsh language, at one point even telling the 68-year-old widow, "You don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you." 

As the YouTube hits have shot up so too have donations in support of Karen Klein, who, throughout the whole ordeal, did not show any emotion apart from holding back a few tears.

As of Friday morning, 22,000 funders had donated $472,000 to an online account with the description, "Lets give her something she will never forget, a vacation of a lifetime!"

Some of the comments left on the fundraising website:

  • Norm: My contribution is my vote against bullying. A fine example of grace under pressure by Karen.
  • Benjamin: Heart goes out to you. I wish I was on that bus, I’d have put them kids in their place.
  • Lindsay: Kids can be cruel. Your story moved us in Kitchener, ON, Canada

Have you seen the footage or heard of Karen's story? What was your initial reaction?

EBrat June 23, 2012 at 10:10 AM
Just goes to show how sad today's youth have become. Thank the parents of tomorrows leaders for their total lack of respect for their elders!
James Cutler June 23, 2012 at 10:17 AM
I hope everybody will take a stand against bulllies and search inwardly about their own actions at work, school or home. My 12 year old (who is not normally bullied) had his wrist broken at NISD in San Antonio. The bully was only given 1 day of detention.
Wade Giffin June 23, 2012 at 10:26 AM
Kids are not all like the four we witness in this video, thank God, but deplorable behavior like this, has got to be stopped at home first. Karen, you are a beautiful person, and thanks for doing what you do, the world needs more good, honest people like you in it!
Lori Stanford June 23, 2012 at 10:30 AM
I'm concerned with a couple issues: Why didn't this bus monitor report this incident or at least alert the bus driver? Ten minutes of bullying should have required her to report this incident per her job description. Also, over half a million dollars was raised in her name and already her 40some year old son who lives at home with her mentioned he needed to buy himself a car. If she can't protect herself against these kids how is she going to protect herself against her family or friends looking for financial gain. Sadly, there is no winner in this situation and I'm concerned for Karen Klein, especially with money involved.


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