Stratford Restaurant Inspections

February and reader-requested restaurant inspections.

Below are the results of the most recent round of Stratford food service inspections as well as restaurant inspections requested on the Stratford Patch Facebook page, conducted by the Stratford Health Department.

First, a few notes on scoring:

A perfect report with zero violations yields a score of 100.

However, a restaurant can be docked one 4-point violation, receive a score of 96 and still fail the inspection, according to inspector Andrew Anderson.

Anderson said the most serious violations carry a 4-point demerit, and if a restaurant is hit with one of those it results in an automatic failed inspection. The most common 4-point violation is for food temperatures, he said.

Another way to fail is to score less than 80. "Whenever someone scores under 80 we have them in for a hearing, see if we can do anything to help them," Anderson said.

A restaurant is typically given two weeks after a failed inspection to right the violation or violations.

And now, the list..

2419 Main St.
Inspected Feb. 19
Score: 77 (fail)
4-point violations: food temperatures -- garlic and oil at 87 degrees F; handwashing not observed before or after putting on gloves to prepare food.

Bella Napoli
1112 Barmun Ave.
Inspected Jan. 10
Score: 92 (fail)
4-point violation: food temperatures -- sausage and pepper pizza in holding unit at 90 degrees F (required temp 140 degrees or more).

Biagio Osteria
88 Ryders Lane
Inspected Jan. 30
Score: 93 (pass)

Capodicci's Pizzeria
60 Access Road
Inspected Sept. 4
Score: 91 (pass)

China House
1056 Stratford Ave.
Inspected Feb. 13
Score: 94 (pass)

Danny's Drive-In
940 Ferry Boulevard
Inspected Dec. 13
Score: 93 (pass)

Dao Fusion
7365 Main St.
Inspected Oct. 20
Score: 98 (pass)

Duchess Hamburger
690 Lordship Boulevard
Inspected Jan. 11
Score: 74 (fail)
4-point violations: food temperatures -- butter at cookline coldholding at 60 degrees F (required temp 45 degrees or less); food employees not washing hands after touching raw foods and before touching ready-to-eat foods.

7 Woodend Road
Inspected Feb. 6
Score: 93 (pass)

Fairfield Pizza
200 East Main St.
Inspected Feb. 20
Score: 91 (fail)
4-point violation: food temperatures -- soup at 137 degrees F (required temp 140 degrees or more).

Fat Sammy's Pizzeria
1 Woodend Road
Inspected Jan. 24
Score: 98 (pass)

Great Wall
2590 Broadbridge Ave.
Inspected Feb. 4
Score: 93 (pass)

Hannah's Kitchen
3530 Main St.
Inspected Feb. 5
Score: 87 (pass)

Hong Kong Cafe
3580 Main St.
Inspected Dec. 13
Score: 87 (pass)

Joe's Dinner
1990 Stratford Ave.
Inspected Feb. 14
Score: 95 (pass)

Knapp's Landing
520 Sniffens Lane
Inspected Aug. 6
Score: 97 (pass)

Lil' Mo's Cafe
2415 Main St.
Inspected Feb. 6
Score: 89 (pass)

Lucy D's
613 East Main St.
Inspected Feb. 4
Score: 93 (pass)

10 Washington Parkway
Inspected Dec. 6
Score: 88 (pass)

Mary & Beth's Place
2385 Main St.
Inspected Feb. 20
Score: 88 (fail)
4-point violation: missing advisory about raw foods.

Off The Hook
170 Ferry Boulevard
Inspected Aug. 3
Score: 86 (fail)
4-point violation: improperly stored toxic chemicals -- bug spray stored under front counter with utensils and to-go containers.

Paradise Pizza
3610 Main St.
Inspected Aug. 7
Score: 88 (pass)

StationHouse Coffee Shop
2520 Main St.
Inspected Jan. 28
Score: 91 (pass)

7365 Main St.
Inspected Feb. 15
Score: 92 (pass)

Stop & Shop
200 East Main St.
Inspected Feb. 1
Score: 90 (pass)

1240 Stratford Ave.
Inspected Feb. 20
Score: 86 (fail)
4-point violation: food temperatures -- meatballs in hotholding at 70 degrees F (required temp 140 degrees or more).

Sunny Side Breakfast & Beyond
1200 Barnum Ave.
Inspected Jan. 30
Score: 82 (pass)

Baffled Resident February 26, 2013 at 10:18 PM
So you wouldn't go to M&B's(Metro) for failing to post a notice? Their score would have been 92 if not for that oversight. Fairfield Pizza would have been 95, if not for soup being 3 degrees off. Sometimes you have to read between the lines on these reports. The one that would concern me, besides the obviously egregious failures, is the one that barely passes(82) and isn't cited for any 4 point violations. That to me spells unsanitary.
mec1140 February 26, 2013 at 10:41 PM
They could shove a dirty dollar bill in my sandwich and I'd eat it happily. The food there is awesome!
David February 27, 2013 at 02:16 AM
Thanks for pointing out the 82-pass; good observation. I agree we need to read between the lines. I am reading these reports and not going if the restaurant doesn't do well.
WaniWaniWani February 27, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Some people don't know how to act, and for that, they will be punished.
OldManTeenager February 27, 2013 at 04:49 PM
I completely agree Lee Neil.


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