In the Details: Showgirl

What, if not for show?

This week's theme is: body.



Dear Eve, I am sorry
To hear of your untimely
Fall. I do so hope you
Are recovering.

It's a tough world
Out there, Eve, darling.
There's a whole pack
Of girls -- Jezebel, Delilah,

Salome, Magdalene --
Who are pretty pissed, and 
Sure it's you that created their
Beautiful mess.

They're walking the blame finger
Backward down the path of evil
And it's winding its wild way
Back to you.

It's fine, though. This month, when
The rent is due and I can't pay, it's fine: I'll
Call that "art photographer" I know
And he'll be glad to give me work.

It's kinda nice, I guess,
(I should feel grateful) that in these
Last few moments before 
Age disintegrates me, I'm still
Valuable, Eve. I can always be
Adam's lovely showgirl, his sanctuary
His fantasy, his harbor of reproach. 


Thanks to New Haven artist Tristan Robin Blakeman. His work is available for sale on Etsy.com


What's the BIG QUESTION series? I ask a one BIG question, and let friends, writers, commenters, have their say. This month's question is on food:  "What is Eating You?" Find it at my blog, "Letters from a Small State." See you there!


This post is part of a the poetry series, "" -- daily poetry and photos, inspired by where we live. 

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