In the Details: Fat

Food is more than fuel.

This week's theme is: body.



The secret to never-ever falling
For the wrong man or the
Wrong food is to never
Get yourself in the predicament
I am exactly in right now, in
Which I am desperate and
Staring down the
Gleaming white plastic
Doors of my doom and I can
Already taste the salty and
The sweet jack-in-the-boxed
Together inside that
Carton of Friendly's
Sundae Xtreme and though
I haven't done anything
Wrong, after I've had my
Fill, I am already
Pretty sure that
Recurring dream will
Swing by again tonight, the
One where I'm naked at my
Old Catholic grade school 
And it's time for lunch
And I open my brown paper
Sack and all mom's packed
Is a box of raisins and a plaid
Thermos of warm bacon fat. 


Food is the topic of my third BIG QUESTION series, starting today on my blog: "Letters from a Small State." It's the space to ask more, think more, about  "What is Eating You?


This post is part of a the poetry series, "" -- daily poetry and photos, inspired by where we live. 

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