After the Storm in Port Chester: No Power Outages, Buses Running

Metro-North's New Haven Line trains still suspended.

UPDATE (11:30 a.m. Saturday) - Although Port Chester village DPW crews have worked around-the-clock to clear local roads from the snow storm that slammed the village on Friday, Village Manager Christopher Steers said residents are urged to stay off the roads because of snowy and icy conditions.

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla said the village was hit with 18 inches of snow, and although local roads are passable, he noted that windy conditions expected today will likely create drifting snow that would affect the roads.

"The best thing for people to do today is stay inside and enjoy the warmth of their homes," Pilla said.

Port Chester code enforcement officers were in the field starting a 6:30 a.m. to check with damage around the village, but Steers said nothing significant was discovered. The code enforcement officers are traveling throughout the village today advising residents not to put snow cleared from cars or sidewalks and driveways into the street. Steers said Port Chester Police are also advising residents not to put shoveled snow into the streets.

Steers said Port Chester police, fire and emergency medical personnel all reported there were no significant incidents or calls for assistance during the storm that lasted until early this morning. Con Edison reports there are no power outages in Port Chester.

Pilla said that DPW workers, in addition to clearing roads, have been using a variety of equipment to clear key sidewalks and park areas. Pilla noted that in e-mails he has received from village residents this morning he has not received any complaints in connection with snow removal from streets.

"I'm proud of the workforce we have in the Village of Port Chester," Pilla said of the workers involved in the emergency efforts.


As Port Chester residents awoke this morning, the found more than a foot of snow on the ground — but their lights were still on.

Con Edison reports there are no power outages in the village, and there are no power outages at all in Westchester County.

Westchester County's Bee-Line buses have resumed operations, although delays can be expected because of the snow. Metro-North trains are back in operation on the Hudson and Harlem lines, but the railroad says service is still suspended on the New Haven Line this morning because of conditions created by the storm that started Friday afternoon and continued through the night.

AA11 February 12, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Rocky Morabito goes above and beyond for the village of PC. I am not saying he should get a pass on this snowstorm but when Sandy hit everyone praised the DPW. Mr. Morabito is up at 5:00am driving around following the garbage trucks making sure they're doing their job and making sure no garbage is left behind. Did anyone think maybe it isn't his fault that the funds for the DPW for salt and other equipment aren't available? This whole "secret Brine" machine is a joke, that thing has been around for years. It's all just an excuse by Pilla and Steers because before this storm a machine like that was an unneccessary expense. We have had stoms bigger than this and more frequent like this in the past (2010) and we managed just fine with our equipment. By no means is this all the fault of Mr. Morabito. Rocky runs a tight ship at the DPW and would have him anyday over someone who steals hundreds of thousands of dollars in quarters...
overly concerned February 12, 2013 at 09:34 PM
Tony - you must be just reading the negative ones. How are the ARTICLES that are stating how the DPW Dept. worked there butts off for 4 days straight?? Read that! I read quite a few good comments on Mr. Morabito and the DPW Dept. so stop directing your eyes straight towards the negativity and read some positive things for once.
overly concerned February 12, 2013 at 09:36 PM
Tony February 12, 2013 at 10:11 PM
I Disagree and thought the town was in bad shape after the storm, lets agree to disagree. Your entitled to your own opionions.
overly concerned February 13, 2013 at 12:31 PM
You are absolutely right you are entitled to your own opinion but what you are not entitled to do is belittle a crew of men who were out there working there butts off while you were in your cozy little house sitting at your computer writing your hateful comments. But sure - lets agree to disagree. Rocky and the crew - keep up the good work!!!!


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